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I purchased a log home for the first time about nine months ago. The previous owners used a solid stain on the entire home. The caulking is in great shape but I need to retreat the exterior but I am not sure how much of an ordeal it will be to remove this stuff and go with a normal stain or if I am somewhat stuck with solid stains now.

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Hi Ken,

How old is the log home?

Log homes need to breath , but if it is a older home and the solid stain has been on for awhile then I would recommend to powerwash it first and then reapply your solid stain.

But if you wanted to get back to the bare wood I would recommend to cob blast it. Cob blasting is done with ground up corn cob. It may take a little bit more cob to blast since it is a solid stain but it can be removed.

Then I would recommend a semi-transparent stain so it will breath with the wood.

You can view cob blasting on our web site at it is on the bottom of the front page.

Powerwashing with a low psi 500-1500. Pre-wet the structure first with water and then apply percarbonated bleach like CPR from the bottom to the top of the structure. This will prevent streaking.
Let the solution sit on the structure for 15-30 mins. Then powerwash it from the top down making sure you rinse, rinse, rinse.

Then wait 3-4 drying days and you can reapply your stain.

I hope this will help you!

If you have any questions feel free to email me at and I would be happy to send you
3 lbs of great information on how to take care of your log home!

Believe me we will give you more than enough to read!!!!

I wish you luck!

The home was built in 1981. I am planning to quiz my neighbor as to how long solid stain has been on it. Is there a point at which it has been to long and I have to stay with the solid stain. Also I was wondering if using solid stain is extremely odd. I love this cabin except for the finish on the exterior. But it seems to me that the work involved with going to a semi transparant may be extensive compared to sticking with a solid stain. I will e-mail you and appreciate any info you send. Also, it appears that the only greying that has occured has been on the protruding log end were there is some peeling, elsewere based on a small chip I removed there is still good natural color.
Hi Ken,

No a solid stain is not odd at all. People put on solid stains beacuse the do not want to reapply a semi-transparent every 3 to 5 years or they do not know how to take of them so they put on a solid stain so they do not have to worry about it.

That's why we are here to better educate the consumer out there.

We give you great information on how to take of log homes so they will last a lifetime.

You know that old saying if it is not broken let's not fix it.

Again I would be happy to send you out some great information on how to take care of your log home!!!

Just email me and I will happy to send you out some great information!!!!!

Quick addition: blasting with crushed glass media will almost certainly make the removal go faster than power washing or corn cob blasting. The glass has very sharp micro-edges that essentially "cut" the stain off without damaging the wood. Glass is also generally less expensive than corn cob media.

Just something else to consider.....

-- Charis with Sashco
Hi Ken,

Cob Blasting, Sanding and sometimes a chemical stripper will work depending on how old the stain is.



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