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We got our cabin all ready this last spring, applied the stain and the clear coat and it looked wonderful.  I went back to today to sart getting ready for fall and the edges of the logs have been chewed.  In some places the logs (square-faced hand hewn) have been chewed along the edge like a piece of corn on the cob.  I have seen both squirel and chipmunk in the area.  This must stop,  short of sitting on the deck with a shotgun, what stops them? I am at a loss as to why they are doing it anyway.

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I really do not have any brainstorm ideas , although we had a squirrel decide to nest in the false area over the entry porch roof. the brush that he, she drug in, for nest was very visible and it' s children found a romex wire that was feeding power to a hanging entry light most tasty ! (too bad power was not energizing the light) I tore the nest away and replaced the wire , what a chore, I am a journeyman electrician , so it was in the realm of my expertise . I had to give it some thought , but my only conclusion to fix it so that they did not come back was to either wire fence the open area at the eave of porch , which would be very unattractive or .... Oh draught ...should I continue ?? I placed the large sticky rodent patch trap up in the space in a conspicuous but applicable spot . That was last Oct , we returned 1st of Sept , evidence of a re-nest along with a undesirable scene on the porch deck that over time had pretty much cleaned up itself. Sorry!!

Hi Brian,

Sometimes when this happens it is because the critters are trying to get the salt that is in your wood. Did you use a borate treatment on the home? One thing that you can do is purchase a couple of salt licks and place them on the outskirts of your property. They critters may find that easier to access and may switch to eating it instead of chewing on your wood. Good luck!

Kevin, PCS Redmond

Did you chink your cabin?  Without chinking nature will always win.

Which stain / clear coat did you use?  Where is the home located?

Thomas Elliott

Log Home Finishing LLC

970 368 2308

Home is chinked with permachink.  Lifeline stain and clear coat. Home is Ozarks.

Coyote urine- just read that on the web.  Try setting out poison, like you do for rats and mice.  just some ideas


a household dog may be easier to keep around and safer than the Coyote and just as effective 

Are you some kind of idiot?  You can purchase the urine, online.  Then you spray it around to get rid of the interloping varments!

Fake Owls.

May work for a short time till they figure out the owls don't move.  Trust me they will figure it out.

Mary, you can use these motion censored owls

Or some of my clients hang owls them from strings so they are constantly moving.

The problem is, who wants to look at a bunch of plastic owls all the time?

I wouldn't mind if the owls would do the job.


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