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I was wondering if it's possible to stain interior logs that already have a clear coat on it?  Or do I have to sand the logs first?  Thanks!

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Yes, possible, but you'd need to know what's on there now and make sure what you put over top is compatible. A hard polyurethane clear coat will be hard to stain over than a softer water-based latex. An oil-based interior clear coat may be really hard to go over, too - and that's if it can be coated at all. If you know the specific brand and type of clear coat that's on there, give a call to the manufacturer and see what they recommend.

In all cases, you'll want to make sure & test things out. Unless you sand everything down and remove it, any new stain won't soak into the wood (rather, it will sit on top of the clear coat that's there). It may end up covering up some or much of the wood grain. OR, if the current clear is an oil-based product that soaked in deeper in some places than other, a new stain over top may end up looking blotchy.

Hope that answers it some. Probably a more complicated answer than you were looking for, but clear coats and stains are a different animal. Feel free to respond here or contact me directly if you have more questions.

Have a great weekend!

Charis w/ Sashco - -

To make sure you will not regret the outcome, try to test a part or a portion where you stain directly on a coated log and try to stain a part of the logs where you already sanded and try to look which has the best quality.

The usual thing to do is to remove the existing coating before applying a color stain, then coming back over the color stain with another clear coat or two. 

We have never seen good results trying to color stain over a clear coat, but if you try be sure to do test patches first! 

You never know about compatibility issues between existing finishes and new coatings so be careful......

Staining over clear coat without sanding is possible but not really recommended. Some stains don't work when combined with other stains. Sanding removes the unevenness in the wood. It also removes all dirt that can prohibit the stain from lasting long. I have to agree that you can test if your new stain will work with the old stain but it would better if you will take time to sand it off before staining. Believe me, it's worth all the hassle. :) Ana 

You will have to scuff it up for the stain to take.  Yes you will have to do some light sanding.  Been there done that!  Good luck


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