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My tongue-in-groove vaulted ceiling started leaking a while back. Tried to locate the leak and fix it and finally found it where the chimney went into the house. Although there were only a few spots where it dripped from, some small areas in the boards have turned a gray or slightly dark gray. I think I have any mold taken care of but how do I get rid of the gray spots on the boards?  Is there a product out there that will get rid of the stains?  Thanks!


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Doug - 

Without photos, can't say for sure, but those are likely tannin stains that you have on there and the only way to really get rid of those are to sand them down. There are chemical cleaners that can lighten them some, but they'll also weaken the wood fibers. I'd suggest you take an 80 grit sandpaper or 3M abrasive pad to them, feather into surrounding areas, and reapply clear coat. Hopefully it's not terribly noticeable. 

Hope that helps some. If you have a chance of it, post some photos.

Thanks! --- Charis w/ Sashco - - 

Charis -

  Thanks for replying so fast!  They aren't real noticeable.  They kind of blend in with the knotholes and such on the rest of the ceiling. I thought perhaps they were tannin stains after reading a few other posts on here. I will do the sanding and see what happens.  I appreciate your reply.  Thanks!

No problem, Doug. Sometimes I see these right away and other times, it's a few days before I see them. So life goes, right?

Glad they're not noticeable. Tannins sit at the surface, so it shouldn't take a lot to sand them down. But do a small area first to make sure the color shift isn't too noticeable. You may find that you have to do some blending with a lightly pigmented stain. If you find that's the case, let me know. I'd be happy to send you some free samples of stains that would cover the area and you won't have to go buy anything.

Let me know how things turn out!

--- Charis


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