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"Standing Seam" metal roofing contractors/log home specific in southwest Missouri

I put this out there for the log home braintrust. I recently purchased a 13 year old log home,manufactured by Appalachian Log Homes in Knoxville,Tenn. My question is this: Are there contractors that specialize in roofing for log home construction. Is there some type of registry of contractors that breaks down the different log construction disciplines. I am located in southwest Missouri,and have no network of log home contractors from which to draw. I am a "newby" to the area. Input appreciated. Current roof does not need to be replaced due to any form of damage. I just prefer a metal roof. Yellow pages are full of roofing contractors,but I am looking for references from you all.


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Contact Dave Carter at Appalachian and get the type of roof insulation detail they likely sold.  If conventional trusses, nothing different.  If a built-up insulated system, maybe they have plans to share. They can give you advice on the details.  Depending on the metal thickness, quality of the paint job (baked on enamel?), color (dark absorbs more heat), roof pitch, and substrate (plywood thickness), you might want to furr up the roof and add an air space and ridge vent.  All settling issues around chimney should be finished.


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