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Hi everyone,

I just bought a log home built in 1989. Haven't even moved in yet but I've discovered Perma-Chink's Web site. Seems I'll be in touch with them soon. I'd like to start out on the right foot. I don't know when the exterior of the house was last cleaned or treated so I'd like to do it ASAP. Is it a good or bad idea to pressure wash before using Log Wash or other such product and before treating with stain and topcoat?

Thank you!


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Good Morining Alexis L. Foxx,

I understand your concern about wanting to take care of your log home. What I would recommend is to find out what kind of stain was put on the log home. This way you can stay with the same product.

I would recommend to power wash the home with a power washer any where between 500- 1500 psi.

First Pre wet the home first with water with the power washer
Apply mixture from bottom to the top so that the bleach will not run. ( You can apply with a garden sprayer.

Let the solution sit on the logs for 20 to 30 mins.

Then rinse from the top down with your power washer making sure you rinse throughly, throughly, throughly!

Mix 1/4 cup TSP (Tri-Sodium Phosphate) Local hardware store
1 gallon of bleach
3 gals of water

Let the structure dry for 3-4 drying days before reapplying your stain.

Now if you are not comfortable using the bleach we have another cleaner which is a Sodium Percarbonate Bleach called CPR which is environmentally friendly.

Preparation is the key for the stains to adhere.

I would be happy to send you out some great information on how to take of log home!

You can email me at and I will get a 3 lb packet of information right out to you!

Believe me we will give you more than enough to read!


Hi Kelly,

Thanks for the information. You're right, I'm not comfortable using bleach on my log home, but I am open to anything environmentally friendly. Thanks, I'll be in touch!

You are very welcome!

Again any questions feel free to contact me I would be happy to help!

Hi Alex,
I read a reply above that you should use bleach + tsp to clean your logs. While this may be the cheap choice it may not be the best choice. I would suggest using Perma-Chink's own Log Wash concentrate product instead as it will not soften your existing finish or damage the lignen in the wood like the bleach + tsp may do. Also Log Wash doesn't cause Iron Tannate stains if you don't get it thoroughly washed off. Bleach does! I hope this helps and good luck with your project.
- Kevin Piatz
Alexis,you do not have to use a pressure washer before using log wash,all you do with the log wash
is mixed 2 cups log wash to 1 gallon water put in garden sprayer and wet entire wall and rinse from top
to bottom with a waterhose and it will make your wall look new again.Oh and its enviromentally friendly.Greg
I was hoping to avoid pressure washing. Thanks, Greg.

Hi Everyone, i was looking for suggestions on best pressure washer. I think i landed here and can get nice suggestions from here! 
Please i don't believe on internet reviews, real user are welcomed to suggest me top pressure washer

Finalized decision from This Cheap Pressure Washers Guide.

We have been corn blasting logs for several years and our customers are very happy with the results. Several of them had tried to power wash their homes and were not pleased with the results and ended up blasting the house a year or two later. We almost exclusively use Perma-Chink products. While blasting will cost more than power washing, you have a house that will look good for years with very little damage to the logs. See some of the photos on



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