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ok, so i have 2 existing lights. both of which are mounted on logs. the one has the box cut into the log and the light is has gaps on top and bottom, due to the roundness of the logs.  the other which the box is mounted on the outside of the log and the previous owner simply cut a piece of wood around the box and screwed it to the logs so there were gaps all around and it looked really crappy. does anyone make some sorta trim piece designed half log siding? Im crafty enough to make something, but i dont have aton of free time. and i just want to remedy the problem now.. ohh and i dont wanna just caulk around it to seal it. i want somethign that looks like the builder knew what he was doing. thanks for any suggestions!!



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what my builder did was make a rectangular bloch left it square on one side and chamfered the edges on the other side.He then chiseled out the log for this block to fit in flat.a couple screws and a little caulk it is water tight. i can post a pic later this afternoon if i didnt explain it well enough


Mine is the same as Bob described.  The round log is notched out around the box and a block is inserted with a center hole cut to go around the electrical box and mounts flush with the box edge.  This way you have a nice flat surface to mount the light to.


Without seeing your actual lights let me make a suggestion that is different based on the looks of your logs. Why not take rough hewn lumber about 2 in x 8 in by lets say 16 in to attach vertically across two logs. Cut the 4 corners at an angle. You could then get thin mount electrical boxes to flush mount into a hole cut in the board. Let the board become decorative spanning two logs. Either stain it like the logs or paint them to match your window frame color. The light could go towards the top or bottom depending on which way the lense faces. Once again depending on the style of your lights this might make them more decorative then just sticking out of a log. The resulting gap(s) behind the board would not matter.  Cut a quick mockup out of cardboard.


I used various methods in my home to keep from mounting flat stuff on round logs. My ceiling fans are hanging from a 14" ridge log and for those I used a square block of 1 1/2" thick material and contoured one side of it to fit the 14" log. I used a hole saw to make a 4" hole in the middle of it so I could mount a shallow J-box. The ceiling fan trim sets up against the flat surface of the block, as shown in the first picture below. For lights and smoke detectors that had to mount on the underside of my loft floor, i made a 3'sided box out of 1 x material and contoured the ends to fit the logs. The hollow interior of the box allowed me to hide the wiring to the light. That is picture 2. Picture 3 is similar, but is for a smoke detector mounted on a vertical log. Again, I used the hollow box to hide the wiring. (continued)
Picture 4 is my wall outlets. I made a template that I could screw to the wall and a plunge router with a long 1/2" bit to route a rectangular hole centered between two logs. I made a rectangular box with sides only and rounded corners to match the router bit radius. The outer dimensions were a slip fit in the routed hole and the inner dimensions were a slip fit for an outlet box with all the ears and stuff cut off of it. Outlet box is held in by a screw in the back of it.


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