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Our house walls are finally starting to go up - woo hoo! We are starting to have odd pieces of leftover logs accumulate. We *could* burn them - we will have a wood stove in our house - but it seems like a waste of such nice logs. Have any of you done anything fun/creative with your leftovers? I'm thinking of using them for backing for pegs in our bathroom (we are using pegs, not towel racks), using them to make paper towel holders for the kitchen and utility room...any other ideas?

Our logs are 10 inch diameter, although we may wind up with some 9 inch diameter logs from another, nearby build. Those 9 inch logs will be up to 20 feet long (some to be used for a garden shed).

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We had a few deck rails left.  Husband cut them in half horizontally, bought some dowels and made coat racks. We even used left over stain to coat them.  They look great! 

I've seen others use left over logs, etc to make benches around fire pits or for porches, plant stands, shelves, stairs.....there are just too many possibilities to name.

Well you could start a nice fire!!!

I used my left over logs to design and build my bulk head or as I call it the "dog house"! I did not want the metal style bulk head doors.

If you are creative with a chain saw you can make a nice picnic table and set of benches pretty easily.   I have also seen heavy rustic ponderosa branches spanned between log posts for a bed head and foot rest.

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Keep all you can for future repair jobs. Hopefully you wont need them, but if you have log rot issues it can save you tons of money. Store them in a clean dry place if possible.

A matching dog house?

Do you have a loft?  Our loft railing is made of spare logs.  They also split a few of them lengthwise to use as trim in large openings in the walls.


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