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We will be using double tongue and groove milled logs.  It was recommended to use the sealant-gasket tape in the groove and caulk along the outside of the groove that lies facing toward the outside of the house.  I also saw where one person caulked on both sides of the groove.

And I have also read some people do this in reverse.  They caulk the groove and put the gasket tape on either side of the groove. (which would mean four rows of gasket tape on a double tongue and groove- and that seems very expensive).

Is there a standard method?  Or is it personal choice? We will be using butt and pass corners.

Thank you.

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I would question caulking all the outside logs. My log home is double tounge and groove with a rubber gasket and no caulk was required at all except the corners. It would be very difficult to maintain all that caulk. 

Hi Megan,

I would stick to the manufacturers or builders specifications. If they advise you to use gasket tape and to seal the outside gap then I would do so. You may want to speak with them about proper sealants, regular caulking isn't going to work out for you but a flexible sealant made for log homes with a bond breaker behind it should. Here is a link to our companies sealant application guide just so you can get some ideas;

PCS Sealant Application Guide

Good luck with the project!

- Kevin, PCS Redmond


Thank you for the link. I mistook caulk for sealant.  Here is what my guide says-

"The final step before setting the next log in place is to run a 1/8” bead sealant along the base of the outside tongue of the lower log. Take care not to use too much sealant, or it may seep out and discolor your logs."

It also says I can use sealant in the tongues of bottom logs or use a polyfoam gasket.  Which would be better?

Sorry for writing it incorrectly.

I'm not sure if there is a "better" but I can tell you that the actual sealant is a bit easier to work with and I haven't been selling much gasket tape in the last couple of years. Our sealant called Woodsman, formerly known as Stack N' Seal is usually what people decide on over the tape when buying their internal sealants from Perma-Chink. There are other internal log sealants out there as well. That doesn't mean the tape won't work, I just think that the industry may have skewed towards internal sealants now. Whatever you do decide on I would either go with the brand recommended by the manufacturer or assembler of your home or at least buy sealant specifically made for the job. Good luck Linda, and grats on your new home!

-Kevin, PCS Redmond


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