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hi. looking for advice here. i'm a log home owner and enthusiast.  18 years ago we built a full scribe,  full log white pine home in a wooded area in southern michigan. on the advice of our handcrafter we put menwood, an oil-based product, on the house. we did that 3 times in the last 18 years, each time with incredible amounts of cleaning, scrapping, etc. the menwood darkens from amber to almost black with time. so, long story shorter...this year we are stripping the house with two applications of perma chink s100, powerwashing and sanding to remove fuzzies. we intend to finish the house in perma chink ultra 7 chestnut. my current worry is that there is still some menwood in the wood, especially in the knot areas and the log ends. we are laboriously hand scrapping, sanding, grinding etc., but i'm just not sure that all the oil will ever come out. will this adversely effect the ultra 7 finish. opinions, anyone? thanks.

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Well I don't have much experience in the staining/finishing department. But to get things started I will willingly put my foot in my mouth.

I suggest putting on more menwood.

18 years and only 3 applications sounds like a good story,Logs in good shape?


My house is 13 years old and I had the same darkening/maintenence problems with it's original Penofin penetrating oil finish. I can't speak for the properties of Menwood, but I chemically stripped the Penofin and had great success with restaining using Permachink Lifeline 2. 3 years later the Permachink still looks new. I used "Autumn Gold" topped with full gloss Advance. The previous oil product would be Hershey chocolate brown by now.



bob, thanks. my house actually goes black. i should post a picture! so, today i am forging on with the ultra 7. 

Some dark spots remained, mainly in the flyway ends, but this is mostly blue stain from when it was new...........

looks great!


The S100 has a very strong detergent that does a really good job of removing residual oils from oil based stains. By doing 2 applications and all of the sanding and, it sounds like you are on the right track. Just make sure that the S100 adequately rinsed off the home before applying the Ultra 7. Rinse until you think you have rinsed enough and the RINSE AGAIN. If you have any further questions feel free to contact me. My email address is

thanks, billy. so far, so good. everything looks to be taking. and we are logwashing in between the stripping and the staining. lots of work. can wait to just sit and look at all this some day.

If you are blasting down to bare wood, use an after blast product to help seal the open pores before the ultra-7 application. It will provide a more consistent color and will help make the ultra-7 stick better .
We had oil based Sikens on our red pine log home. We used S100 to strip it and used Ultra 7 bronze to stain it. Love the results. I have pics on my page if you want to check them out. We live in Ohio and it has held up well for us.

I just stripped an unkown light finish off my logs, then refinished with Permachink Ultra 7 last summer. I took everything off of the old finish that my tools could get. If anybody around you does media blasting, that's a good way to go, I hear. Nobody in my area would give me a price on it. I used a Dewalt Angle Grinder with a sanding pad attachment, and a Dewalt orbital sander for the areas that came off easy. I used a dremel to get in the tight cracks, which is what you might want to try. Getting all of the old finish off is what Permachink will recommend, as would any stain manufacturer. If you can't, you might want to hire someone who can. I am very happy with my Permachink finish one year later. If I missed a few poors, I would say the Permachink covered over it fine. But your old stain may behave differently. It sounds different than mine. Those tools enabled me to get just about everywhere.


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