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We opted for a log loft with a tongue and groove floor in our log cabin and are now struggling with lighting in the ceiling of the first floor. Our real challenge is finding a light that will work for above a shower. In a stick built house a waterproof can light is perfect but obviously will not work with our wood ceiling.

Any thoughts on water proof lights that you have used and how to install it would be much apprciated.

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On one of the beams supporting the tounge and groove, we installed a four 50W spot "track light" fixture about 3 feet outside the shower and aimed the lights in the shower and on the walls at the glass door. It works great flooding 200W of light that does not require waterproof fixture. 


I think Steve's suggestion is very good and it is how my shower "light" works at home. If you definitely want a light in the shower for some reason, I suggest that you buy a 2 inch diameter, waterproof, marine, 12 volt, stern light (that was a mouthful). They only require a depth of about about 1 inch in some models and others stick out. They are very bright and this system is used in the showers on many boats. You would have to use a 120 to 12 volt converter which is not a problem as they are sold at Home Depot for high intensity under the counter lights. The under the counter lights are not waterproof so they can't be used. The other wilder thought would be to run "rope" lighting around the perimeter of the shower ceiling. These are water proof and available in 120 and 12 volt. The "live" end would be embedded in the wall and caulked.

No matter what, make sure the electrical source comes through a ground fault circuit for safety.



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