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Does anyone know of a manufacturer who sells the logs only, cut to our specifications based on our plans. I am thinking of not going with a package and would appreciate any input. Thanks

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I've been looking at these guys. I just wish more dealers would carry em.
Dear Agnes:
There are many manufacturers that will assist you. And, I can appreciate that your goal is to save money. We would all like to do that. However, I want to suggest some things to watch our for and some other approaches.
1. You may need engineered plans in order to obtain a building permit and those must be done per the exact materials that you plan to use. Even if the engineering is not required, it's a great idea to have it done anyway if your provider does not offer it already.
2. Narrow your search for the right manufacturer by looking for the ones who make the log style [profile, size, corner style & finish] that you prefer; AND the wood species you prefer: AND the drying method that you prefer [green, air dried, partially kiln dried or fully kiln dried]. As a DIY'er you will find fully kiln dried logs will be easier to bulid with and cost less for construction even if the logs cost a bit more.
3. Ask about the warranty on a logs only package.
4. Review in detail the construction process required for the logs you are considering. All log manufacturer have a different construction methodolgy.
5. Only order precut to length logs if your subfloor is EXACTLY to the plans provided by the manfacturer of the logs and precisely level. Otherwise you will have a serious problem.
6. Ask if the manufacturer provides a consturuction manual.
7. Ask what onsite and telphone support is available in case you have a question.
You best insurance for an enjoyable experience is to work with a member of the Log Home Council.
Bob Marcom
Contact Cedar Knoll Log Homes at or 800-644-3564.
Good luck.

I found 1 job tile contractor is needed

We are thinking of doing the same.  We have been in contact with Steve at Wholesale Logs.  You can search them out on their website.  He was very helpful and it looks to be considerably cheaper than the kits.  We visited two companies, Southland Log Homes and Golden Eagle who sell the kits, expensive and we have a very strict budget.  We are located in IA and are currently planning on building in the next couple of months when we break out of our freezing weather.

Hi Mary.  

You're correct.  Log home kits can be very expensive.  We looked into several log home companies, some of them quoted us a price more than twice what it actually cost us to build using a contractor who took our plans and ordered the logs needed from a local mill.  The house turned out better than we could ever have hoped.  Do your research and check out all your options.   

Thank you for your response.  Didn't think this would be some overwhelming.  We are in the middle of a freeze which doesn't make it any better.  So you just hired a contractor, gave him your design and he ordered logs?  Did he also take care of windows, doors, etc.?  We have gotten bids for septic and well.  Need to get one for the basement.  My husband has his own business and does a lot of metal fence, iron and specialty work so at least he knows the ins and outs of construction more than me.  I just want it done lol.   Your home is beautiful!


Thank you.  We love it!!    Yes, our GC took care of everything from foundation to roof.  We did, however, already have a septic system installed prior to construction.  We did so because the permit that came with the lot was going to expire.  If we didn't, we would have had to have our lot 'perked' again and be subject to the new codes.  We were glad we did when we found out it would have been triple the cost for a septic system that met the new codes.   Whew! will sell just logs based on your plans.

Hope that helps!


Thanks Carol.  If you have any other suggestions, I am all ears.


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