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new construction!!!!! just started 3 weeks ago after 2 months of rain ,rain, rain, now have the basement walls and floors ready to go, the sub floor will be started this week. our dream?? home is a combination floor plan and modified exterior of 2 plans from Appalachian Log Homes , my husband and I have been wishing,hoping,thinking, dreaming and now planning for a long time, with a number of years passing we did not think we could ever get to this. After many decisions, we are use black Pella windows with pararie grills , a metal roof,black or galvanized. Using black exterior lighting and black rustic hardware on a rustic walnut door. I do want the door to be darker than the stain for our home's exterior, having said all that ,wanting the perfect color is the million$$$ question. Would be interested in any suggestions from others...will be using stone pillars for support posts and stone on the back side of the basement area to combine the wood and stone,rustic natural look we desire in our home. will probably go with lifeline ultra 2 drak natural or hazelnut, not wanting reddish hues.
any suggestions will be appreciated. thks............................

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Glenda if you email me at with your address I will send you out some wet samples
of the ultra 2 colors.Thanks Greg if you already have samples you can give me a call at 800-548-3554
and I will walk you through the staining.
Ours is Lifeline Ultra 2 Dark Natural with Lifeline Advance top coat. It's quite dark. At first I feared it was too dark and sort of wished we'd gone a little lighter. Hubby stuck to his guns. Over time, I grew to love it. He was more concerned about protecting the wood and minimal maintenance so we felt we had to get some real 'pigment' involved. Our 'trims' (lighting, soffit, fascia, gutters and downs, etc) are all dark brown. My windows are Anderson stone color on exterior. I stained my double front doors just a little darker also...sort of a walnut. But just a few weeks ago, I painted them a rusty color. I just didn't think they 'stood out' enough. Let me know if you want pictures (other than my profile pic) and I'll upload them. :o)
that would be great if you could send me some pictures at,also after about 6 to 8 months clean your house with log wash and the stain will look brand new and keep all the
dirt and pollen off the logs.If you need anything at all give me a shout.Thanks Greg
Hi Glenda,

You are right about the million $$$$ question on what color do I go with on the exterior and what type of stain or poly's to put on for the interior.

I would suggest trying as many samples as possible right on the same type of wood that is on your new log home. This will give you a better picture of what it will look like on the logs.

Stain samples look different on every type of wood.

You know that old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words!!!! So True!

If you are happy then we are happy!!!

Besides this is something you have to live with the rest of your life. That's why we recommend as many samples and you would like!!!

We are a distributor of Sashco Products and carry serveral types of stains and poly's.

If you would like me to send you out some 1/2 pint samples I would be happy to along with a 3 lb packet of information on how to take care of your log home!!!!

Believe me we will give you more than enough to read!!!!!!!!!

Feel free to email me at and we will get it right out to you!


Permachink will give you samples--take a couple of left over chunks of log, prepare them just like you will prepare your log walls, and put the two coats of Lifeline Ultra 2 on. Put them up against the foundation or even the walls once up, and have a piece of roofing material (mine is green steel) next to it. I surprised myself and chose what I thought was the least likely of the samples I had, but it's right for my logs, my house, in the light my site provides.
lots of ideas and thanks to all the offers. I already have some lifeline stains but, will need to get further into the construction before I can tell much. I have been trying to educate myself in all aspects, there is much to cover and I started almost a year ago, seriously. Thanks to Kelly. I will read the information. Depending on the stone and how it looks, maybe closer to a choice, but that is on down the line, the subfloor is being placed and logs should be here next week...will try to put pictures on site soon. I love this site,to be able to see other projects, I've seen some beautiful pictures. I realize that the person paying for their home is the one who needs to be happy with the the choices ( and able to pay for it!!!!) With the work involved I do want to "love" the stain,and as I have read from other posts,you can not change it as easily as you can change things, building a traditional homes..I guess what I was hoping for was " yes use ___________it looks so rustic,natural etc...


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