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All of you -


What terms are you familiar with?  Tech Data Sheet?  Data Tech sheet? Fact Sheet?


All manufacturers produce these pieces of paper.  They usually contain info on the product, including application instructions, maintenance instructions, etc.  If you were going to do a google search to look for this kind of info, what would you put in the search box?  Seems like a silly question, but I find that we manufacturers are very good at confusing people with our internally-crafted titles. 


I'd like your thoughts....

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I usually google using the product name + spec

"conceal textured sealant spec"

since specification is a word used in all the data/fact sheets, it generally pulls up what I'm looking for.

(and let me say again how much I love this caulk!)


Charis.....not sure whether your searching for a product or tech data on a specific product. An industry standard is MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet. It provides technical and chemical hazards associated with a specific product. scott
Thanks, Scott.  I'm more wondering what homeowners & contractors look for when they want that kind of info.  I'm w/ Sashco so am personally familiar with all the different forms out there (tech data sheets, spec sheets, MSDS, etc. etc. etc.).  But I want to know what term homeowners are familiar with or would search for.

I agree "spec" is a good first search, although I will sometimes add additional terms with an OR (e.g., spec OR specification OR "data sheet"). If I really wanted to find out specs on a particular product, I would probably start with the manufacturer's own site and look for a tab or menu option for product specifications as a fast way to get into it. Doing a general Google search can return a lot of noise. Sometimes manufacturers aren't very helpful in laying out their pages, so it can be useful to limit one's search to a specific site URL, e.g., spec OR specification OR data

If you are designing a site, you can help us by using metadata to add keywords for likely searches. This way you don't necessarily have to choose which term to put on the spec sheet or human readable web page. Google "how to metadata html keyword" for a quick look at how to do this.

Thanks, John.  I'll pass that tidbit on to our web designer.


Looks like specs or spec sheet or something to that effect is popular.


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