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Tim, it is obvious from previous postings you do not consider pre-cut (or what you refer to as "kit") log homes as "real" log homes. So trying to start a forum discussion with the pretenses of wanting other people's "knowledge" on the subject just doesn't fly with those of us who build log homes (pre-cut and handcrafted), live in log homes and who regularly read this forum.


It is unfortunate, that you are not able to embrace the fact that there are many quality, long-standing, reputable companies and builders who provide this product and service for many very satisfied customers - as well as quality, long-standing and well-built log homes. Not all people have the desire for, or the the funds for, what you like to call a "real" log home. Nevertheless, they are living in their dream home that provides the comfort, quality and lifestyle they were looking for.


I have been building pre-cut log homes non-stop since 1982 - almost 30 years. I have built all over the western U.S., and even in Japan. And, all my homes are still standing - strongly, I might add. Of course, as with any industry, we have learned things over the years to provide a better, higher quality product. Hopefully, all professionals continue to look for new and better ways to improve. I'm sure that B. Allen Mackie would say that even handcrafted techniques have changed and improved over time. Alice and Doris Muir and Victor Nymark would agree. I assume you are aware of these pioneers and trend setters in the log home building industry. They set the standards on which the current industry is built. I incorporate many of Mackie's building techniques into each "kit" home I build. 


Cheers to all those out there who have been able to build their dream home - pre-cut or handcrafted, built by owner or by contractor, vacation or permanent residence!


Michael Collins

Northern Arizona Log Homes

PROUD Independent Representative for REAL Log Homes



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On the non-settling thing....wouldn't the corners open up,  since the dovetails or saddle notches are going to shrink too?


shanny, the corners are usually chinked too.



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