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I'm aware that log cabins need to be made to allow for shrinkage for various aspects including windows and doors. I've read, that the log cabins will continue to shrink after a few years, maybe up to 4-5 to play it safe.

I bought an existing log cabin (30'x22' with upstairs) in southern CO outside of La Veta that is 30 years old. Couple abandoned it after a divorce, and never bothered to chink it or put windows and doors in either. The only thing that probably saved it, was a metal roof with 4' overhang. This last summer, I finally sanded all the logs down (three weeks worth), and gave them a nice stain along with finally chinking it all in. Now it's on to windows and doors for next summer project.

Since this log cabin is 30 years old, can I skip putting slider type bucks in on the verticals, and instead, just a small 1/4" gap or so to be filled in with foam, or something equivalent to that? Maybe a 1/2" allowance up top?

I'm also going with a double wall. Since some of my logs are under 8", CO code in my county said I needed this to meet energy conservation needs, so my bucks are probably going to be about 16", to allow for a 2x4 wall (with closed cell insulation) for the inside with a small air space in middle which I feel like will also help with vapor barrier issues.

What general contractors I have talked have zero experience with log cabins, so it'll probably be me doing it. Any suggestions and tips at all would be appreciated.


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