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The Misses and I just moved into a way cool log home in the central Kentucky area. It is about 8 years old so many modern amenities like up-to-date wiring and GREAT Low E glass... etc.

One such widow is a large double casement window off the kitchen/dinning area. I will get pics as soon as I can, but the other day when we were having a record setting rain fall, i noticed soon after it had started a small leak round the left side of the window.

Know the first rule of plumbing and water is always the law of gravity then the rule of the least resistance, I am going to look at the top part of the widow frame for the spot where the water starts it's way in. I plan to clean up all of the old caulking and replace it.

What should I be looking for as a replacement material? The exterior is staind a dark opaque stain so what ever I put on it will stand out like a sore thumb till i get it stained to match.

Are the latex "Painter's" caulks a good choice for this or something more "Log Home Specific?" 

Links and suggestions are VERY much appreciated. 

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It's best to stick with the log-home specific caulks. They stretch better with the extreme movement that logs undergo.  In addition, they are usually available in colors that match the most popular stain colors so you may be able to find one that will match what's on there now very closely and won't require staining. We make a couple products (Conceal and Log Builder - let me know if I can send you color cards) but we're not the only ones on the market. Check out your options and see if there's one with the color you want combined with the performance you need.

If you decide to go with something from the local hardware store, don't use a quick dry anything. Those caulks are chock full of fillers that make for quick drying and very little (if any) elasticity. You'll just have to re-do it in a few months time.

Finally, whatever you do, do what you can to find out what kind of stain is on there. You'll want to be sure that whatever caulk you use will be chemically compatible with (read: will stick to) the stain. Some stains contain waxes and silicone, neither of which caulk can stick to. 

Hope that helps some. Enjoy your new home! I bet your wife is looking forward to the first Christmas there. :-) Log homes are the best at Christmas time.

-- Charis w/ Sashco - -


Just the info I am looking for. I believe the stain on the home is a Cabot Opaque dark brown stain. Please do forward info on compatibility and color matching if you can. I will get pics and a color code. There is what is left of a 5 gallon bucket of the stain in the basement.

You can view color charts at the links I provided in the post above. BUT - if you want to email me directly with your address, I can mail you a color card with actual piece of each cured color on it that you can simply hold up to your logs to match.

Most Cabot solid stains are no problem with our products, but if you can find out the specific Cabot brand, that'd be helpful. Your other best bet: give Cabot a call and ask specifically if the product you have contains any wax or silicone. They should know that answer right away.

Email me at and I'll get some color charts going your way.


-- Charis

Is this the only response I will get?

That's possible. This forum used to be very active but not as much anymore. :-) I monitor it on my email so I can see the new discussions when they crop up. Some will come in with answers a month or so after the original post.

You can also search the past posts to see if anything might apply to your situation. I did a quick search myself, but didn't find much. There are some items that get buried in a totally unrelated forum post. And, of course, you can always research some of the other caulking manufacturers on the web. I'm sure most of them would be happy to answer your questions.

-- Charis w/ Sashco

I received your color cards. I am interested in getting the best product for this job. Which of you products do you suggest for the gaps around the windows?

Can you email me pricing info?

Conceal and Log Builder would be the best, but Conceal would most likely match best since it's textured to match wood grain.  Conceal, because of its texture, if really easy to work with, as well. Both products can span gaps up to 2" wide without slumping and will hold their seal, well, forever when applied properly.We had a user write in the other day to tell us that he tried to remove some 20 year old Sashco caulk from his home. He couldn't get it off so just decided to leave it there and paint over it. :-) 

As for pricing: we are the manufacturer and sell through resellers. You can find those nearest you, as well as some who sell online, at Many carry it in stock and ready to ship to you same-day.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any further questions. You can also watch helpful how-to videos on our website:

-- Charis


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