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I'm about to close on a cabin in southern South Carolina (5 min over Georgia border).   We plan on only using the cabin every two months or so.  What precautions should I take prior to leaving the cabin vacant for those few months.  I have heard turn off your water, poor antifreeze in all the traps, set thermostats between 55 and 80 degrees, get a dehumidifier, shut off fridge, check for critter cracks, unclog gutters.  Am I missing anything?   Im afraid of coming back two months later to find an otter used half my home for a dam, lol.  I'm only half kidding. :)



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Seems like you pretty well covered it, try to keep the mice and rats out especially.

Water freezing would be my main concern, although I don't get why you would have to do anything to the plumbing freezing when your thermostat is set that high. Yes, good to shut the off the water valve completely though, in case a pipe, kitchen, bath or washer hose bursting while you were gone.

My cabin in southern CO, doesn't have electric or natural heat, so I'm designing my pipes around a gravity drain fed system, to where a freeze won't matter with the exception of a few things. I plan on just disconnecting my water traps, only takes a few seconds.  But will add the anti-freeze to the toilets.

If you have some kind of internet connection, remote viewing cameras would come in handy. Use them on my biz when I'm away, will do the same thing to my cabin when I'm finally settled in.

Best of luck on your closing.


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