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Nutrition Facts labels of pure maple syrup and honey

FDA Commissioner, Scott Gottlieb, has announced a major overhaul of the FDA’s update to the Nutrition Facts label on products. This overhaul, the first in nearly twenty years, is aimed at empowering consumers by furnishing information on Nutrition Facts labels pure maple syrup and honey that ensures greater accuracy and is more science-based. With this, the FDA wants to help consumers make more informed and healthier choices.

This update to the Nutrition Facts label has incorporated…


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How Custom-Made Cabinets Can Enhance the Look of your Kitchen

In the case of kitchen modeling or remodeling, the steps you take should be logical. The kitchen is not only for cooking food, but it is the home for appliances, cutlery, utensils, spices, and groceries are also kept in the kitchen. So, keeping cooktops and counters in mind, you need cabinets that meet your requirements. By following some simple steps,…


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Make Your Cabin Pristine with New Windows and Updated Fixtures

Cabins are known for being picturesque combinations of rustic charm and pristine beauty. Whether it’s set against mountainous terrain or sprawling acres of evergreen trees, you want to keep your cabin as gorgeous as its surroundings. A few updates will help you accomplish this task effectively and efficiently.

Ceiling Fan



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Things to Ask Your Badge Manufacturer

Badges are an integral part of a professional space, ranging from name badges to promotional ones. Button badges are the most common choice for promotional badges. Designing these badges require a lot of thought, time and effort. A small mistake by the manufacturer can spoil your design. Thus, you should always ensure that you choose a manufacturer…


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What are the FDA's Process Validation requirements?

Process Validation (PV), according to the FDA, is collecting and assessing data right from the design stage till the production stage. PV is set out for all the stages of production for a product in the FDA-regulated industries. The core purpose of PV is to establish scientific proof that any process being employed has the capability of delivering quality products consistently.

The FDA’s process validation requirements are set out in its general principles of Process Validation.…


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Most Effective Natural Mice Repellent Spray

Almost we all have faced the problem of the mouse in our home. They carry thousands of germs which can cause fatal disease of you and your family. You can kill them by using chemical poison but it could be dangerous. Try to use some natural ingredients which is easy to find out in your home or in the market. There is some most use full natural mice repellent spray which will help you to solve the problem of the mouse.…


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At Home: What Makes Your Decor Inviting to Guests

While you understandably want to decorate your home tastefully so that it expresses your unique sense of style and personality beautifully, you also want your home to be inviting and comfortable to guests. Many people have gorgeous homes, but their homes are so pristine and polished that they create a formal, imposing feel. This formality can, unfortunately, make a…


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How Cabin Dwellers Can Create a Relaxing Patio Experience

Many things can make a cozy cabin even more appealing. If you’re a cabin resident who wants to establish a patio that’s soothing and pleasant, there are a range of choices that you can consider. Putting a welcoming and calming cabin patio together can actually be both simple and fun, believe it or not.

Establish Numerous Different Seating…


Added by Lizzie Weakley on December 6, 2018 at 11:16am — No Comments

Homes by Honest Abe Featured in Log Home Living and Log Cabin Homes for Christmas

Log and timber frame homes are beautiful in every season, but there’s something special about a wood home decorated for the holiday season. This year two homes decorated and ready for Christmas that were designed, manufactured and built by Honest Abe Log Homes are featured in Nationally distributed wood home publications. The Hedges home and the Cambridge model were designed by Honest Abe’s award-winning in-house designer Michael Hix. Both stories are by freelance writer Claudia Johnson with…


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You will get Great Results from your Data with Excel PowerPivot and PowerQuery

If you work with data, you’re likely already familiar with common frustrations with Microsoft Excel like size limitations and manually entering data from multiple sources. Luckily there are two Microsoft tools- PowerPivot and PowerQuery-that solve ALL of these issues, right inside Excel.

In today’s world, there is tons of data to manage. Data is coming from many different sources. It is very important to be able to process that data quickly and then summarize it into meaningful…


Added by Adam Fleming on December 5, 2018 at 8:05am — No Comments

Why Glazing Services Are Important

Glass arts and exterior decorations have always been appreciated by homeowners and in business establishments. These days glass glazing services are the most in demand due to many associated benefits. There are several commercial glass companies who offer top quality…


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Mysterious Cabin: How to Give Your Log Home an Austere Look

Interior design can feel larger than life. There are so many design options out there. If you’re in the process of designing a cozy log home, then “mystery” may be a concept that appeals to you. There are many design elements that can contribute to a cabin that boasts a streamlined, cool and somewhat ascetic ambiance.

Say “Adios” to…


Added by Lizzie Weakley on December 4, 2018 at 5:49pm — No Comments

Independent Writer University Introduction

This college furnishes individuals like you and me with the aptitudes expected to make it in the current financial emergency. With such huge numbers of organizations rising on the web and the requirement for less expensive work, organizations are re-appropriating their work to consultants everywhere throughout the world. You can exploit this by getting yourself taught at Freelance Writer University.…


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Cabin Plumbing: How to Maintain Your Septic Tank

Septic systems aren’t uncommon in cabins and lakeshore homes in locations where it’s too costly to run municipal sewer lines. While these systems are time-tested and safe, they aren’t foolproof. To get the most from your system, protect it by staying off it, watching what you put into it and having it serviced regularly.

Protect the Drain…


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Read Honest Abe Living Christmas Issue Online Free

Honest Abe Living, Honest Abe Log Homes' interactive magazine, is all about the holidays in its December issue. Read about and view photos of two new Honest Abe log houses decorated for Christmas that are featured in two separate national magazines. Be amazed at photos of a house that survived a November tornado. Download a tip sheet on choosing land for a log or timber frame home.…


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Kangertech Ranger Kit vs Voopoo Drag 2 Kit bei

Kangertech Ranger Kit

Das Kanger Ranger Kit besteht aus dem Ranger Mod Akkuträger und dem Ranger Verdampfer. Wird mit zwei 18650-Batterien betrieben und kann bis zu 200 W maximale Leistung abgeben. Es unterstützt verschiedene Modi: variable Spannung, variable Leistung und Temperatursteuerung. Einzigartige benutzerdefinierte Modi bieten Ihnen eine Vielzahl von Dampfen Optionen. Das… Continue

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4 Reasons Why Your New Log Home Needs a Metal Roof

Roofing systems are imperative for structures of all kinds. There are so many kinds of roofs accessible to people nowadays. That’s why making roofing system decisions can often be extremely taxing and time-consuming. If you’re a log home owner, you may want to consider installing a metal roof. Metal roofs are desirable for a plenitude of…


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Buying Ergonomic Office Chairs for a Healthy Lifestyle

Office work in the modern era has almost become synonymous with sitting at your desk for long hours. Rapid advancement in technology has made it possible to complete numerous office tasks with the help of computers and other gadgets. This means that people are sitting for nearly 4 to 5 hours at a stretch during office hours. This is can be quite…


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Will smart devices be the smartphones of the medical device industry?

This is how the current-day situation of administering medical care runs: in the event of a medical need, the patient or someone attached to her is expected to sense the difficulty and call up the medical center to which the patient is attached. Help arrives after this is done. The medical practitioner may come over and attend to the patient at her location if the situation permits. Or else, the ambulance has to be called. All this has to done during what is called the Golden Hour: the most…


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Top Reasons to Install Bamboo Flooring

Living in an eco-friendly house surrounded by nature probably sounds like a dream to many nowadays. If you think about global warming and the increase in pollution levels day-by-day, it is all the more reason to choose eco-friendly materials like bamboo when building your house. Yes, eco-friendly options like bamboo flooring are still viable and…


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