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4 Things to Know about Log Cabin Furnace Systems

Keeping your log cabin warm throughout the winter is just as much about safety as it is about comfort. Catastrophic damage during a severe storm can put your family in danger and ruin your outdoor getaway. Here are a few key facts that everyone should know about their…


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How to Get the Perfect Log Home Design For You

Our six keys to getting the perfect log home design.


Dreams. This is where every log homeowner’s journey begins. Drooling over magazine photos and model homes, analyzing ideas, searching for that unique floor plan that says, “I’m the one.” Even if you’re designing your home yourself, chances are you’ve taken more than a passing glance at the stash of log home stock plans out there. And if you are going with one of your log home producer’s plans, you’ll more than…


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Pest Control for Winter: How to Keep the Creepy Crawlers out of Your Home

Pests are a common problem for most homes where critters are prone to finding their way onto properties. For many residents, it can be challenging to protect the building from pests and keep them away long-term. When prepping the property for the winter…


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Building a Log Home on the Water


Photos courtesy of Pan Abode Cedar Log Homes

It’s no wonder waterfront settings are popular spots for log homes. After all, coastal, lakefront and riverside properties provide gorgeous views, an all-access pass to water sports and activities, and a peaceful backdrop for your own getaway retreat.

But there are some challenges to building on the water. For example, many areas have stringent setbacks and…


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What is a Log Building System?

In addition to its superior good looks, a log building system works a little differently than conventional construction. Here’s how.


Most houses’ weight is supported vertically, but a log home’s structural support comes horizontally, with the load of the house and its components resting almost entirely on its perimeter log walls. It’s critical that they be built to precision. This is known as the joinery system.

The load-bearing surfaces that touch are known…


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Security Solutions for Your Home Away from Home

One of the most common concerns for homeowners is keeping their property secure while they're away. These concerns are compounded when dealing with a cabin or vacation property that remains unoccupied for weeks or months at a time. Many homes are targeted by burglars who are looking to steal valuable items that are inside of the building. To protect your property and safeguard it, there are a few security solutions to take advantage of for your home away from home.



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The Great Escape: 5 Reasons Every Man Should Have a Garage

The latest trend in house hunting is wanting the home to have a man-cave. Many men want a space that is all there’s with no women allowed. This is an area where they can do all sorts of things. While a basement seems to be a common trend, the garage has always been the…


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Cozy in the Snow: How to Make Your Cabin Welcoming For Winter

Winter is well on its way and Jack Frost will soon be nipping at your nose, and a few other body parts as well. When the weather outside gets frightening, nothing is more comforting that retreating to a rustic getaway. But as fall fades, and winter takes its place, it's time to make your special getaway extra cozy. Here are a few tips that might help.



If you are fortunate…


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Modern Log Home Design Styles

The modern log home can look and feel any way you want it. Check out these current log home design styles for inspiration.

LHD_0706_Mc2 Adirondack style log home.[/caption]

Everyone is familiar with “the little log cabin in the woods.” It’s the quintessential log home style, and it’s a charmer to be sure. But don’t feel restricted by the expected.

The beauty of log home design is in its versatility. Truly if you can envision it, there’s a designer and a log home…


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7 Designer Tips to Turn Your Attic into a Living Space

Many people are looking to get more use out of their home and create a place that serves different purposes. The attic is an ideal place to transform to make it a habitable living space that can be enjoyed long-term. To turn your…


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Popular Log Home Wood Species

A sampling of popular log home wood species and their attributes.


Northern White Cedar

Area harvested: Maine and Great Lakes states Heartwood colors: Light to medium or straw brown Sapwood colors: Nearly white Weight*: Light Heartwood decay resistance: Resistant

Bald Cypress (Red & Yellow)

Area harvested: Southern states and South…


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A Typical Log Home Construction Schedule

Follow along a typical log home construction sequence of events.


The entire construction process for a modest log home (built by a pro) ranges from four to six months, but it can run a year or more for large or complex designs. Factors that affect construction time include seasons, weather, availability of labor/subcontractors and builder expertise. Builders’ processes may vary, but use this order of events as a guide to benchmark your log home’s…


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The Log Home Lending Landscape

If you’re applying for financing to build your log home, here’s what you can expect on the lending horizon.


Most log home buyers finance their purchase. The tax write-off alone makes getting a mortgage enticing even for those rare few who can pay cash. But how do you determine how much house you can afford, and how much of that will come from the bank?

When you’re ready to buy your log home, calculate your target budget by adding your assets and how much you…


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How to Choose Your Log Home Producer

With hundreds of exceptional log home manufacturers and handcrafters out there, how do you choose? Here’s how to find the one that can make your log home just the way you want it.


Any major purchase is stressful. The idea that as soon as you commit to a choice, it will be difficult — if not impossible — to change your mind can send even the most decisive buyer into a second-guessing frenzy. Buyer’s remorse is NOT something you envision in your dream-home scenario.…


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How to Make Running Water in Your Home More Efficient

Efficient water systems are more popular than ever, but you might not be quite ready to completely replace their entire plumbing system. Here is a look at a few upgrades and additions that can be carried out in a single afternoon on practically any budget.



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[Log Home Tour!] A Home in the Georgia Mountains

A North Georgia log home provides every creature comfort imaginable — all within a lush mountain landscape.

Story by Janice Brewster | Photography courtesy of Modern Rustic Homes


Each November, Jack and Patty Cartwright host a hayride, bonfire and campout at their log home in the mountains of north Georgia. On average, 250 to 300 friends and clients join the fun.

2011-08-27-12.29.56 Guests bunk up in the Cartwrights’ five-bedroom home, camp on their land or rent…


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Smart Home Wizard: How to Optimize Your Home Automation System

A smart home automation provides many obvious and not-so-obvious benefits to homeowners. It can reduce the amount of time a homeowner wastes manually performing tasks like setting and resetting the thermostat to control room temperature or turning on and off…


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Profiles & Corner Styles for Log Homes

When selecting the size, shape and look of the logs, the log home buyer is spoiled for choice. Here’s how to navigate your options.


So now that you know the timber options from which to choose, how do you turn this raw material into a home?

First you need to choose whether you want the look of a milled or handcrafted home. The primary differences here are the size and uniformity of the logs and the technique used to prepare them.

Handcrafted logs are…


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Log Home Package/Kit Options

A la carte or all-inclusive — buying a log home starts with the parts of the log home package/kit.


The “package,” (sometimes referred to as the “kit”) is the starting point of log homes for obvious reasons — it contains the logs. Logs are the bulk of the building materials used in log homes, rivaled only by stone and, in some cases, glass. So when you’re selecting a package from a log home producer, you’re buying the majority of the structural components that will…


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5 Tips for Choosing a Log Home Site

What should you look for when you’re shopping for land for your log home site? These five tips will help you narrow the field.


1. Stick with Your Passion

When you begin planning, never cut those pastimes short. “Your interests should dictate 90 percent of your decision,” says John Ricketson, a project manager with Hearthstone, Inc. “You want to be in a region close to the activities you like, whether it’s skiing, fishing, hunting or hiking.” With your… Continue

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