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Most log home enthusiasts dream for years about building a log or timber frame home, whether as a refuge for their family, a place to get back to nature, or a well deserved reward for a lifetime of accomplishment. And one of the most exciting aspects of the dream is the log home design process – that’s where you get to exercise your creativity in creating the perfect home! But like everything else in life, cost is an inevitable consideration. The best way to avoid surprise and disappointment over the cost of your dream home is to establish a realistic turnkey budget in conjunction with the design of the home.

There are log home companies with a focus on design that will, at the outset of your initial design meeting, work with you to establish turnkey cost parameters that meet your financial expectations and ensure these are consistent with the design that you envision. Turnkey costs are impacted by many factors, including square footage of the home, “complexity” of the home design, the level of finishes that you choose for the home and the geographical location of your build site. The log home company that you choose to work with should consider all of these factors and guide you toward a design that meets your financial parameters before proceeding with the creation of the initial design sketches. Learn more about estimating the cost of log homes.

Your conceptual design drawings with a turnkey estimate provide you with the information you need to know whether or not you can proceed with building the home of your dreams!

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Comment by gatorgene on August 26, 2008 at 7:16pm
In order to do this correctly shouldnt an independent architect design blueprints which log companies, GC's & subcontractors can bid on? I can't see the benefit of having a single log company price a job without comparison. Am I wrong on this? For example I have found 3 cypress log manufacturers. Which one offers the best value? The same floorplan with competitive prices. I just got an email from one company that is discounting 30,000 because they are slow. Your thoughts please.

ZGator Gene
Comment by Tom Heatherington on August 21, 2008 at 1:41am

There's a lot of great advice and well-thought out opinions posted on this board, but your suggestions cut to the chase. Dreaming should never be confused with realistic expectations and affordability. Looking at the 'turn-key' cost of the entire project should be the litmus test against which every design change or modification should be made. You nailed it!

Oh and BTW... for the benefit of the rest of the community, Jennifer and I have a similar last name and although most will agree that we look like twins... we're not related. :-)

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