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3 Ways Your Home Can Benefit From Universal Air Conditioning

Whether you are building a new home or you have lived in your existing structure for a long time, the heating and air conditioning system is vital for your family's comfort. It is also one of the larger investments you will make in relation to your home appliances. Given these two facts, it is important that you trust your installation, service and repairs to experienced, customer-focused professionals. One way to find such a professional is to ask your family and neighbors to share their experiences or provide a reference.


When you decide to invest in a new unit, your professional installer will talk to you about the size and type of unit you need to make your home comfortable, while increasing energy efficiency. They may talk to you about the federal Energy Star program and about how the different types of units will increase or decrease your utility consumption. Depending on your situation, state requirements may also be in effect. Identifying and purchasing the right unit for your home will be easier with a qualified pro.


As with any major system, keeping it running at its optimum level requires periodic, regular maintenance. Service on your heating and air conditioning unit includes inspection of the coolant level and pressure, cleaning the evaporator coil, clearing the condenser and drain, thermostat calibrating and inspection of the wiring and connections. Rusting and exposure to leaves and debris are major factors in the deterioration of units. It is important that the areas stay clear and that the units are inspected regularly to prevent additional exposure or other problems that can lead to early unit replacement.


There are a variety of reasons that a system will need to be repaired during its operational life. Compressors may stop working or the evaporator coils may rust. Air handlers can get clogged or the thermostat may stop working. Some companies, like Universal Refrigeration, will attempt to solve the problem over the phone before sending out a service call. Being sure you are working with an honest, professional air conditioning specialist will give you peace of mind when that time comes.

Regardless of the circumstances, having an efficient air conditioning unit that is operating at its optimal level will cut energy costs and keep your home pleasant without a strain. Keeping up with filter changes and annual maintenance will extend the life of your unit. In the event that something does go wrong, be sure to contact an reputable company in your city.

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