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3 Ways Your Home May Be Vulnerable to Winter Weather

Your home may endure tremendous force and damaging elements throughout the year. For example, strong winds and UV rays can damage your home year-round. The winter months may be the most brutal because they bring sub-freezing temperatures, snow, ice and more to your home’s exterior. To be the protective shelter that you need your home to be, it is important that you prepare it for the months ahead. The first step is to identify common vulnerabilities that may need to be addressed before winter sets in.

Damaged Seals on Windows and Doors

The seals around your windows and exterior doors are designed to create an impermeable and protective surface to prevent cold air and moisture from entering the home. They also prevent climate-controlled air inside the home from leaking out. These seals can easily be damaged within a short period of time. In fact, in some homes, seals may need to be replaced annually. Now is the time to check your window and door seals and to address any leaks.

Inadequate Wall Insulation and Waterproofing

You may believe that your home’s exterior walls are impermeable, but this is not the case. Outer walls typically have insulation between the indoor drywall and the outer surface, but this insulation can become damaged. It could also slouch down and not cover the entire surface area of the wall. In any homes, moisture between the walls is problematic. For example, moisture may seep in, and it could result in mold growth. Before winter arrives, request a professional consultation to double check what should be waterproof exterior walls and recommend repairs if necessary.

Unprotected Water Pipes

A common cause of home damage in the winter is water damage related to a ruptured pipe. When water inside the pipes freeze, it expands and exerts outward pressure against the pipe. When you wrap your exposed pipes, you may keep the water inside the pipes from freezing. In addition, you can keep the pipes that run through your home’s exterior walls warmer by ensuring that your thermostat is set at a reasonable temperature and by keeping your kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors open. This allows warm air to impact the pipes underneath your sinks.

It may be impossible to prevent all types of property damage throughout the winter, but you can see that you can take considerable steps to thwart some causes of damage. The best time to tackle these tasks is before the first freeze of the year, but it is better to do them late than never.

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