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4 Amazing Yard Designs to Implement This Winter

Just because winter has arrived, your yard doesn’t need to turn helpless. Let’s take a look at amazing yard designs to implement this winter:

Snow Patterns

If you live in a cold climate, snow patterns are some of the most beautiful designs for your yard. Using a rake or a shovel, you can paint these patterns in the grass for all to see. This is a terrific alternative to pushing the snow aside and cluttering the sidewalk or your garage. When making these patterns, you will want to consider the direction of wind. If you plow perpendicular to the wind, snow will fly everywhere and the design will not last for very long. Therefore, make sure to plow in parallel to the wind.


Water fountains are particularly majestic in the winter. Whether they are frozen over or brimming with water, fountains give a distinct look to your yard. Consider one fountain near the street and one further back near your home. By spacing them out, you will prevent flooding and further complications. Moreover, when spring arrives, birds and pigeons will flock to your yard for the fountain. Overall, they are great ways to avoid the barrenness of winter while being durable enough to last for many years.

Border Designs

There doesn’t have to be a clear line between your yard and your home. Think about borders including sidewalks, the walls of the house, and the garage. With a seamless transition between your yard and these borders, the yard can nearly overflow to the rest of your property. When snow falls in the wintertime, fences from a company such as Carter Fence Co. will be even more incredible. Instead of sectioning off your yard as a place for pets and playtime, include it in the rest of your home.


Spirals have become increasingly popular as yard designs. In previous years, homeowners have favored real pictures of animals or scenery. Today, abstract art definitely has a place in the backyard. You can use a simple rake or pickaxe to draw these designs, and as the snow falls, the pattern will naturally change. One advantage of spirals is their compactness. Regardless of how large your yard is, you can simply end the spiral when you run out of room.

Before the heart of winter takes over, consider these amazing yard designs. They will beautify your property and make it more aesthetic for yourself and guests alike.

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