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4 Home Areas You Should Inspect Before Fall Comes

Each season brings with it a host of weather and temperature changes, meteorological conditions, and the beginning and ending of biological cycles. Aside from adjusting your wardrobe and leisure activities, it's also important to consider how these changes will affect your log home. With the transition from summer to autumn just around the corner, there are a few key areas of your log home you should have inspected before fall begins.

Roof Integrity

Homeowners typically attend to the interior of their homes before considering more basic and functional elements, which is a serious mistake. The roof is not only one of the most important pieces in maintaining your home's structural integrity, as it's also one of the most valuable; in fact, properly maintained roofing can increase your home's market value by as much as $10,500.

Spring and summer bring storms, and with storms come wind and water damage to you roof. A few missing shingles might seem like a minor issue, but open gaps can quickly lead to widespread water damage. Roofing also plays a key role in keeping your home insulated. As temperatures drop during fall, you will likely turn your home heater on more than a few times. A poorly insulated home means heat can easily escape, which in the long term leads to hire energy bills. Therefore, checking your roof for structural damage before the start of fall will save you money the long run.


While keeping your roof in shape is the foundation of protecting water damage, maintaining other defenses against the elements are equally important. Gutters play a key role in enabling swift and directed runoff of rain and other outdoor sources of moisture from your roof.

Summer storms can loosen and spread branches and other debris that often end up lodged gutters. When combined with autumn leaves, a small blockage can quickly grow into a more serious problem, as drainage issues will allow rainwater to pool in vulnerable pockets on your roofing. Have your gutters inspected for these blockages before autumn leaves can exacerbate the situation.


Temperature drops can have major consequences for poorly maintained plumbing. Before autumn brings its chill, make the prudent choice to have a qualified plumbing company inspect your pipes for insulation integrity, as well as the condition of unexposed pipes which are often left uninsulated and therefore vulnerable to cold-weather damage.

Likewise, the transition from summer to fall is an ideal time to have your home's sump pump. Responsible for keeping your basement insulated against moisture and flooding, it's common for the pump's discharge line to become clogged with time. Have this inspected before fall and winter temperatures harden soil.

Heating and Air Conditioning

Autumn weather can be temperamental; one day you're wearing shorts, while the next may call for a jacket. Prepare for this unpredictability by having an HVAC company inspect both your heating and central air conditioning before fall arrives.

Water heaters are especially vulnerable, as they naturally build up sediment, rust, and other signs of deterioration over time. Inspecting for these problems before fall's cooler temperatures will ensure your water heater is prepared for the structurally taxing fall and winter months.

Return on Investment

Preparing your log home for fall ultimately comes down to how much money you'd like to save in the long run. It's easy to put off home improvement projects and inspections until the cooler months, but doing so can easily allow small problems to grow into catastrophes. Therefore, view home inspections before autumn arrives as you would any investment, where small expenditures now can pay off dramatically in the future.

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