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4 Incredibly Simple Ways to Maintain a Healthy Cabin Plumbing System

Your cabin's plumbing system may be a mystery to you because it's largely hidden away from view. Reliable water runs through it until an issue arises. Avoid any plumbing issues by employing a few simple tricks around the home. Maintaining the plumbing is much easier than fixing it after a problem.

Employ Boiling Water Power

Boil some water in a large pot on the stove. Carefully pour it down your kitchen-sink drain. This hot water will usually clean out the pipes so that chemicals aren't necessary. Grease, food debris, and other items can move with the hot water, which clears the lines. You can also use this strategy on bathroom sinks. Avoid the use of boiling water during garbage-disposal use or in the toilet, however. Water might splash back unexpectedly.

Add Strainers

A simple way to protect your plumbing is by using strainers on every drain. These mesh products cover your drain with a decorative, metal edge. As food debris, hair and other items fall into the sink, the strainer captures it all. You simply discard the waste in the trash so that it doesn't enter the plumbing system. Some companies, like Smedley & Associates, know that strainers update the look of your drain while protecting it from harm. You may never have a clog as a result of your efforts.

Try Plumbing Snakes

If your plumbing is prone to problems, try a snake down the drain. These plumbing tools are manually driven coils that you force into the drain. They essentially scrape the pipes' interior surfaces of any stuck debris. Once you stretch the snake out to its longest length, you reel it back in like a fishing line. Some of the debris may be stuck on the snake, which gives you an idea of preventive measures in the future.

Hire Professionals

Although you may have a good grasp on DIY plumbing techniques, it's always a good idea to hire professionals at least once a year. Allow them to evaluate every sink and tub area. They can tell you if any cracks or minor issues may be developing. You want to fix small problems now. Waiting for a major issue to occur will only cost you money.

Always be concerned about puddles or mysterious leaks around your cabin. Water can travel great distances, which hides the real problem several feet away. Be aware of what's normal around your home so that any water issues can be addressed in a timely manner. You'll appreciate the cost savings and lack of frustration with just a little observation.

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