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5 Unique Aspects of Life in a Log Home

Whether you’ve always dreamed of living in a cozy log cabin or you are just warming up to the idea, this style of home boasts some unique attributes that you just won’t get in any other style of home. Not only are traditional log homes attractive, but they also offer inherently more positive qualities too. Consider these unique aspects about life in a log home if you are considering the possibility yourself.

1. Cost Savings

Any home comes with its own set of unique expense; however, surprisingly or not, log homes offer considerable cost savings compared to other home designs depending on what options you choose. In many cases, building your own log home is one of the most effective homebuilding choices when it comes to cost. The initial cost of logs is higher compared to bricks and mortar, but once they are in place, construction is complete, compared to having to put insulation and plastering in place in other home models.

2. Green Lifestyle

Not only will a log home save you a little green, but it will also help you live a little more green too. Many individuals who choose log homes do so as more of a lifestyle choice rather than just a change of address. A traditional log home allows you to live closer to nature and leave a smaller carbon footprint compared to other construction styles.

3. Natural Aesthetic

One of the things most people are looking for in a house is that feeling of hominess and ease. A log home naturally provides that aesthetic comfort and instantly makes you feel at home. Research has actually shown that the earthy palette of a natural wood home provides more peace and increases pleasure and tranquility.

4. Efficiency

A log home is not only naturally more aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also more energy efficient. Compared to a traditional wood-frame home, a log home is anywhere between 2.5 and 20 percent more efficient if it is built and caulked properly. This will not only make your home more comfortable in the summer and winter but will also offer you cost savings.

5. Personal Design

A log home also presents you with the opportunity to design your home just as you dream it to be. Much like you know how you like your life to run, your home should be the same way. Your cabin gives you the chance to be completely creative so you can create a beautiful home that works specifically for you.

Choosing a log home is more than just choosing another house. It’s a choice to live the life that you want, free of injury and worry. Don’t just live in a standard home that looks like the rest. Choose a unique home that is specifically designed to your tastes and needs.



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