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Cabin of the Future: How to Modernize and Automate

There’s nothing like getting away from the grind and relaxing in a cabin in the woods. But what if you don’t want things to be overly rustic? What if you still want to enjoy the conveniences of modern living? Here are just a few ways to modernize your cottage or cabin.

Electric Power

First things first: You’ll need to wire your cabin for electricity if you want to crank up the hot tub or electric fireplace. The good news is that you’ll have multiple ways to do this, especially if you’re willing to think outside of the box. For example, if you aren’t on the grid and can’t tap into any existing power lines, you can install photovoltaic panels on your property to utilize solar energy.

New and Improved Plumbing

This is particularly important if you’ve purchased a cabin built before the 1960s. It was common for builders to use galvanized pipes before they were replaced with copper and PVC materials, and galvanized pipes aren’t a good long-term investment. They accumulate a lot of sediment and start to rust and leak over time. By replacing them with something more modern, you’ll ensure the longevity of your cabin’s plumbing. You can also take the opportunity to install eco-friendly and low-flow fixtures.

Smart Technology

You’re probably most familiar with smart technology in lights and door locks, but the truth is that home automation has advanced to the point where anything and everything can be digitized. For example, you can buy self-regulating thermostats to keep your cabin nice and toasty, or you can make your television voice-activated to avoid buttery remotes as you munch on popcorn. You can even invest in refrigerators that will generate recipes and nutrition labels right there on a touchscreen.

Privacy and Security

Security can be tricky when dealing with a cabin instead of a residential home or office building, but it’s worth the trouble to protect everyone during your family vacation. Think about things like flood lights and door alarms. You might also want to invest in exterior cameras that will allow you to see whoever is approaching your door at night. Steer clear of motion sensors, however, since curious little creatures will set them off all night long.

These are just a few ways to modernize and accessorize your cabin. Whether you’re imagining minor cosmetic changes or large-scale automation upgrades, it’s easier than you might think to get the cabin of your dreams. You just have to be willing to put in the work.

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