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Has anyone else paid to have an energy audit performed on their "DREAM" house? If so what were the findings?

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Comment by Glenn V on March 3, 2010 at 12:00pm
I have read about them but don't know of anyone doing one on a home. I think they run somewhere around $300. It looks like a good idea to me if the extra expense is affordable. But they do vary between company to company on what the do and costs. They look for air infiltrations with a fan test and do thermal imaging to spot areas that may need attention and some test the heating and cooling systems as well as water heater and fireplaces. Flush ceiling lights usually show leaks and around eves as well as doors, windows and outlets/switches. The sub floor is a suspect also and if it wasn't caulked when built it should be on the inside around the rim joists and caulk the plate between it and the foundation. Batt insulation won't stop air infiltration as well as wood on wood and the plate insulation. Closed cell foam will insulate as well as stop air penetration. If you make your home too air tight you will need a ventilation system to bring fresh air from outside in and inside air out.

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