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Factors to Consider before you Choose Tile as a Flooring material

When it comes to choosing a flooring type to use, homeowners and builders have different options to choose from. Tiles especially the refin porcelain tiles can be durable and stunning, and it can be the best option.

Even though tiles are mostly used in the kitchen and bathroom, they can be used in other rooms as well. The following are some factors to consider before you choose tile as a flooring material.

  1. Material

The common types of tile materials include porcelain, ceramic, laminate, wood, brick, granite, marble, slate, vinyl, and mosaic. All these materials range in different prices, and they come indifferent styles and sizes. Your choice will depend on your taste.

  1. Durability

This is one of the important factors that you must consider. You should ask yourself whether that tile material is durable, and if it will be worth your money. Some types of tiles such as vinyl, ceramic, and brick are highly resistant to wear and tear while others such as marble and granite are prone to staining and cracks. When selecting a tile, you should consider the foot traffic in the area that you intend to install them.

  1. Maintenance requirements

According to, when selecting a tile for your flooring needs, you should consider how easy it is to maintain. You should know that the texture of the tile plays an important role in maintaining it because some textures can either grip dirt or not. Again you should put into consideration the compatible cleaners for the tile. Some tiles such as stone or the expensive ones need special cleaners that will not damage the surface.

  1. Water resistance

In areas which experience humid weather such as bathroom and kitchen, you should install materials such as mosaic, ceramic, or granite. But it’s also worth noting that materials with smooth finishing such as granite or marble can be slippery, so a lot of precaution should be observed. Laminate and hardwood are not the best options for kitchen or bathroom. You can check for the best bathroom tubs at

  1. The size and shape of the tile that you need

Tiles come in different sizes and shapes to suit your needs. The rectangle or square tiles are no longer attractive. The different shapes include circular, triangular, hexagonal, octagonal, etc.  When choosing the shape or the size that you want, you should consider the final look that you want to obtain. Darker colors are best options for areas with high traffic because they experiences dirt more.

  1. Chemical resistant

This is also a point to consider especially if you plan to install the tile in an area where the tiles may be subjected to chemicals/abrasive materials or in a commercial environment. If you plan to install tiles on these areas, then you should choose a hardy tile like slate.

  1. Appearance

Tiles come in various finishes ranging from dull to glossy, and to semi-glossy. Some of the most preferred tiles for their appearance include granite, hardwood, and marble. Mosaic tiles also look attractive, and they come in various colors to choose from.

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