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Few Changes To Work Out On To Maintain Your Horse’s Health

When you first bought a horse what you did not realize is that keeping a horse healthy is full-time job. If you ever take a quick break from its food quality or vaccination, the next day your loved animal might fall sick. So, to avoid messing things around, there are few changes that you need to keep up in your checklist and maintain the same when you need it. There are some important things for you to do when you are trying to maintain the health of you horse. Let’s just get to know it well.

Monitoring health through grooming:

In a rush to hide your horse and roaming to new places, grooming always get cut short and only enough to ensure that your animal is clean to ride. So, it is time to change this for now and adjust the schedule so that once in every week you are giving your animal a proper and thorough grooming help for a minimum of an hour. For details, feel free to visit for some advices.

  • You need to brush your animal all over and more than once.
  • While brushing, observe your horse’s reaction. If he flinches, tries to put ears back or just swishes tail, that means he is in discomfort.
  • Once you are through with the brushing, put your hands to fell the horse all over. Try feeling for swelling, heat, sensitivity and then compare left side with the right for any change.

If you can follow this norm only once in a week then you will know whether your horse is in a normal health condition or not.

Try maintaining a healthy weight:

In case the horse is overweight, it might put him at risk to all kinds of health issues. In some of the major countries, around 80% of ponies and 25% of horses are termed to be overweight. But, you have to prevent this growth if you don’t want your animal to die prematurely. To maintain a balanced weight, make sure to follow these norms first.

  • You have to ensure that the horse is eating enough bulk and also controlling calories at the same time
  • You have to check the fat score across the body by just checking once in every fortnight
  • You have to ride, lunge or just lead for around 30 minutes every day and six days in a week for increasing the heart rate to around 80bpm
  • You have to turn him out wearing a muzzle and not that leave him stable.
  • Being the owner, it is your responsibility to balance your horse’s diet with a mineral supplement and vitamin, or with a balancer.

Simple steps for you to maintain:

You don’t have to work hard to maintain the lifespan of your horse. Going through the simple points is all that you need in this regard and that might help you pretty well. Just go through the points and things might work right in your favor any time you want it to be.



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