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Five Pro Level Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpet is one of the essential household decorative items for people. It can enhance the feel and look of any home. Apart from the best effort to save it from any kind of harm, it still gets some spills, water drops or some other impurities. Here are some critical tips which are useful for cleaning the carpet:

  1. Blotting The Stains

When someone is trying to clean the carpet, think of blotting instead of rubbing. Rubbing may spread the whole stain on the carpet, and it will be very tough to clean. So dab the stain with some cleaning solution. One can also use a paper towel, sponge, and fresh cloth to clean it. When washing, think about cleaning it from outward to inward. Do not blot on the outward; it can spread the stain.

  1. Clean It With Shaving Cream

One of the most effective cleaning processes is to clean the carpet with shaving cream. Apply the cream on the mat directly and leave it there for around thirty minutes. Once the shaving cream is set, then blot the stain with white dry cloths. To finish the process mix one teaspoon vinegar with one spoon of water and then sprays the solution. After that, wipe the whole thing with a clean cloth.

  1. Freeze The Dried Gum

Often people step a chewing gum on the street, and they do not realise it. They only come back to senses when they see it on the carpet. So at the time when people are trying to remove the gum from carpet, they need to freeze the gum with ice. Hold the ice cube there for at least a minute. When the gum is entirely frozen, try to remove the gum from the carpet with a spoon. Do not try to remove it by applying force. It can damage the carpet.

  1. Clean It With Dishwasher

When someone is trying to get rid away rough stains, a dishwasher can be very useful in that case. Put a drop of detergent in a cup of water and then put it in a spray bottle. After that, spray the whole solution on the carpet. It will remove the dirt as it eliminates the grease from dishes. According to professionals offering carpet cleaning Melbourne and some other renowned carpet cleaning companies, If the stain is very strong, then one has to repeat the procedure for three to four times to clean it thoroughly.

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaning

There are some few carpet stains which are stubborn and really hard to remove. Bloodstain is one of them. There is a maximum possibility that people can spill a few drops of blood accidentally. This does not mean that one has to change the whole rug. To get rid of the stain, apply Hydrogen Peroxide on the stain. It will help to get rid away from the hazard.

Those are some of the most essential tips when someone is trying to get rid of stains. Along with that, people can also try to steam cleaning to clear their carpets. Those procedures will help people to get nicely cleaned carpets.

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