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Have a Crack at It: 4 Tips for Repairing Window Glass

Repairing window glass in your log cabin doesn't have to mean buying a whole new window. If the problem is hairline cracks, small chips, or loose window panes, it might be a simple repair job. More damage or even broken panes are often replaceable with a few simple tools. Here are four tips for repairing your window glass.

1. Cracks or chips

Carefully feel the damaged portion with your fingernail. If the chip is small and shallow, and the crack hasn't misaligned the different sections of window glass, try filling in a test area with a little clear nail polish. Remove any excess with nail polish remover. If this doesn't do the trick, visit your hardware store for a glass repair kit and follow the manufacturer's directions.

2. Replacing glass in wood windows

Carefully chisel out the old putty and remove the glazier's points with a small pair of pliers. Sand or scrape the old edges to be sure they're clean, and brush in a little wood sealant. Put the new pane in place with new glaziers points and a few spots of putty along the edges. Cover the edges with a rope of putty, push the glaziers points into the putty, and press it neatly into place.

3. Vinyl or metal windows

These panes are usually secured by spring clips, rubber seals, and metal or plastic moldings. A pane can be replaced by removing these parts, putting in a properly sized pane, and securing the components. At times you may have to replace rubber seals or plastic molding that's become dry and brittle over time. Be sure to remove any sticking pieces or glass fragments. If you’re not sure how to do this, a professional from a business like Westview Glass & Aluminium can help you.

4. Drafts and condensation

Loose or cracked panes can cause drafts that make your HVAC work harder. Often this is caused in older homes by settling, or contraction and expansion between temperature extremes. Insulated double-pane glass can sometimes allow moisture in between the panes that creates condensation and foggy glass. If you have a more complex window problem, or simply want to stay safe in tricky jobs such as cutting glass, be sure to call a window repair specialist.

Dealing with broken or cracked glass on your own can take more skill than you might think. To be safe and to ensure a proper repair job, call for help if you aren't confident in performing the repairs yourself. Doing a poor job will only create more problems.

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