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Hectic House: 3 Strategies To Overcome A Home Disaster

A home disaster ranks as one of the most stressful experiences a person can have. Home represents security to most people, and to have it damaged, perhaps even beyond repair, is incredibly disruptive and upsetting. It can be especially upsetting if you aren’t anticipating the event and you’re not prepared for it. Fortunately, it is possible to overcome this stress and eventually recover from a disastrous event.

Check Your Home, Safely

Whether you’ve suffered a flood, fire, earthquake or another disaster, returning to a damaged home can be upsetting. It’s important to follow the instructions of first responders and your local government regarding when it is safe to come home and what you need to do to protect yourself when you get there. Follow the safety advice and instructions you’re given as it can help avoid adding extra stress to an already tense situation.

Once you’ve been given the all clear, be observant as you approach your home. If you smell gas, move away from the area and report a possible leak to the utility company as well as any emergency management services in the area. As you attempt to recover furniture and belongings, be sure to throw away food and other items that have been contaminated by floodwater or sewage.

Consider Counseling For Yourself And Family Members

Home loss or damage can be traumatic for everyone in your household, particularly if your home is uninhabitable for a period of time. Children, in particular, may be particularly affected by the chaos and upheaval around them. Children need stability and they may be confused and upset by the events and the turmoil now in their lives. Seeking out counseling services through schools or community mental health centers can be helpful in helping your children overcome and negative impacts the disaster had on them and return to their daily routine.

Seek Outside Advice On Financial And Insurance Matters

Individuals who have been affected by a home disaster are often in a vulnerable position. It’s important to be wary of unknown contractors who may offer too-good-to-be-true deals on repair and reconstruction services. It is also important to be aware of what your insurance company is offering you. While it may be tempting just to accept what the insurer offers, you may be shortchanging yourself and your family at a time when every penny counts.

Using the services of a professional public adjuster, like those at Great Lakes Public Adjusting, can help ensure that you get the most out of the policy that you have paid for. In addition, having an advocate in your dealings with your insurance company can reduce your stress and allow you and your family to focus on rebuilding your lives.

Recovering from a home disaster can be difficult. However, staying informed, getting support and actively working toward getting your home back in order can make an enormous difference in the well-being of you and your family. Finally, don’t hesitate to seek out assistance from third parties, including government officials, insurance advocates and mental health professionals.

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