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help with fungicide/build delay using kiln dried logs

Needing advice.

We're building a log home in wet WA state. 

Build has been delayed. Logs were delivered from out of state 4+ mo's ago, sitting up off ground on crates, covered by plastic. We noticed about 1+ mo's ago what appeared to be mildew on some of the logs, were told to open the plastic up a little to allow them to get more air flow-and a 'few' of the non rain days uncovered them. 

Logs are now stacked-we were told to spray with fungicide ASAP (today), but we dont know where to get this product. Found antifungal spray at lowes that says 'safe for garden' but mentions nothing regarding wood. 

Also, there is one log that has black on it that to me looks like mildew, but we were told this is a reaction due to metal touching the wood?

We wont have the roof on for another 3-4 weeks. Building in mid of winter in NW was not in the plan. Were told we should use long strips of plastic to cover the logs to help minimize rain on them. And, to keep spraying with fungicide. 

I've also read about drilling holes in logs and inserting borate tubes. 

Any recommendations for ways to manage this? Specific recommendations for brand of fungicide to spray on? How often? Both in and outside of logs? Then cover/drape walls with long plastic sheets? 

We are not going to be able to stain until it dries out in the NW, prob late spring. 

Stressed to be in this situation and not really knowing what to do. Not getting much from manufacturer except -keep them dry-which is impossible in our climate/situation.

Open to suggestions.

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