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How to Avoid Winter Heat Loss in Your Home

As a homeowner, you’re more than likely dreading the high energy bills that come with winter. Unfortunately, a top-of-the-line heater won’t make a difference if you fail to properly address heat loss. Homes are full of gaps and cracks where heat can escape, but with a few simple measures you can shore up these weak points, thus keeping your home warmer and reducing your energy bills.

Carpet Your Floors

While we all know that heat rises, that doesn’t mean it can’t escape through the lower portions of your house. In fact, roughly 10 percent of all winter heat loss happens through the floors. Thankfully, insulating your floors is both simple and offers an opportunity to redecorate. While full carpeting provides the most insulation, some simple area rugs in key spots will not only trap heat, but also protect your feet from cold wooden floorboards.

Tinfoil and Your Radiator

While less common in newer properties, older homes often have radiators exterior to walls throughout the rooms of the house. While they perform well enough in spreading heat, the portion which faces the wall is effectively projecting its heat away from the center of the room, and therefore outside of your home. Laying a simple sheet of heat reflecting tinfoil will prevent radiator heat from seeping through walls and instead direct it back towards the center of the room.

Upgrade Your Windows

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a mug of cocoa while watching the snow fall, but your windows can be a major contributor to home heat loss. Having your windows replaced with models that include heat retaining and energy saving glazing will help to trap heat and keep your home at a comfortable temperature. You can further support this effect by using thick drapes, but don’t forget to pull them back now and then to allow some direct sunlight to enter the home during daytime hours, as this can provide free heat and take some stress off your boiler. Contact a window company like Unique Home Solutions and see what improvements you can make before winter comes in full force.

Secure Your Chimney

We normally associate warmth with fireplaces, but when they’re not in use an alarming amount of heat can escape through the chimney. Consider setting a chimney balloon into place to help prevent heat escaping through the flue. This simple, inflatable piece of plastic is inexpensive and easy to install, making it an accessible and affordable solution with a high return on investment.

Insulate Your Attic

While keeping your attic warm isn’t a priority since you likely use the space for storage, it’s still a common point in the home for heat loss. In addition to checking your roof for gaps, it’s worth investing in some insulation for your attic. It’s commonly known that hot air rises, but sealing pipe and wiring gaps, ducts, and spaces around light fixtures can prevent heat from leaving the attic and direct it back to the lower floors. Likewise, you can lay some carpeting in spots throughout the attic to further trap in heat.

Comfort and Savings

Preventing heat loss during the cold winter months isn’t just about comfort. Energy bills are expensive, and by leaving your property vulnerable to heat loss, you’re effectively doubling your bill needlessly. Take the time to invest in glazed windows, insulate gaps in your attic, and try simple solutions like thick drapes and carpeting. These simple steps are more than enough to prevent heat loss, keeping your family comfortable and saving you money throughout the year.

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