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How to Choose the Right Windows for a Log Home

If you’re building your own log home, you would probably agree that these rustic dwellings are better than conventional homes. Not only are they made from renewable resources that are easy to frame and can stand the test of time, they are durable enough to withstand all of the worst weather conditions.

Energy efficiency is yet another advantage of building with logs and timber opposed to conventional construction materials. If you seal your log system properly with good connections and a trusty roofing system, your home is sure to meet the Department of Energy’s Energy Star standards. The only thing that you need to consider is what types of windows you will install. This is an important decision that many people overlook. When you’re preparing to go to a business like Valley Glass Utility, here are 4 tips for choosing the right windows for a log home:

Decide on the Frame Type First

There are several different types of frames that you can choose from when you’re building a log home. Each frame material offers benefits and drawbacks. You’ll have to do a cost-benefit analysis to decide which type frame is best at the end of the day and which one really fits into your budget.

Research the Characteristics of Different Materials

Wood frames are a great option because they don’t conduct heat so all of the warm air in your home won’t escape. The major drawback of plain wood is that it swells and warps when exposed to water. An alternative to wood is clad-wood. These frames offer the same advantages but they have a protective layer that prevents damage. The major drawback is they are expensive.

You non-wood options include aluminum and vinyl clad. Aluminum window frames tend to be easier to install because the material is lighter than wood. The material itself is durable and affordable. The only problem is that these frames conduct heat which makes your home less energy efficient. Vinyl clad doesn’t conduct heat and is lightweight and durable just like aluminum.

Try to Design Your Home with Stock Size Windows

You may be envisioning a grandeur window that opens up space and helps you capture the beauty of the backdrop as your decor but don’t forget the importance of staying within budget. If you were to design your log home with custom-sized windows, it’s going to eat up a large portion of the budget. Sticking with stock size windows will save you a lot of money when a window breaks or it’s time to do updates.

Find Out How Well a Window Insulates

After you’ve selected a frame, it’s time to choose the window glass. Not all residential glass is created equal. You can’t tell by looking at it, but some windows allow significantly more heat transference than others. One way to find a window that performs well is to look up Energy Performance Ratings by National Fenestration Rating Council. The U Factor will tell you how well the window prevents heat from escaping and the Solar Heat Gain rating describes how well the window can resist unwanted rises in temperature.

Making informed choices is key. You should be pricing the cost of framing and windows for months or even years before you want to complete your project. This is going to give you time to find the best deal on quality products that you know will last.

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