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How to deal with unwanted touching of the belly

The shocking fact about pregnancy is how easily people touch your pregnant belly. You cannot adopt a stance of don’t touch my pregnant belly as most times as not you are off guard as well. Even though if the act is of admiration, still it is going to be cause of annoyance. Let us now understand the stance which people adopt on don’t touch pregnant belly

Put the hand on the belly

The best way to cope up with this issue would be to place a hand on your belly as well. You could term it as a nonverbal sign where they are forced to remove their hands as well. The hands are evading space for which they need to place their hand. Most likely they are going to move back without even saying a word. One of the best ways to cope up with this situation.

Say please do not touch my belly

There is no harm in being to the point and telling them does not touch my pregnant belly. After all it is your body. No one has the right to touch if you do not provide them with the permission to do so. The idea behind this is that we do not walk up to anyone and touch them anywhere. This same policy does apply to a pregnant woman. It could be really fascinating to watch a pregnant woman, but you have no right to touch their belly.

Take a step back with a smile on your face

It is suggested that you take a step back with a smile on your face when a person is planning to touch your pregnant belly. The reason for smiling is that it would give them a message that you are not unkind to them as well.

This would be an effective way to deal with the situation and a nonverbal one as well. It is ok to allow close family members or friends to touch your belly, but do keep away strangers on all counts. This would go on to put a stranger back without having to point a single word.

You can comment that you do want your own space

You could also pass a comment that you do like your own space. Just pass on the message to them that their hands are evading your private space. The reason being a lot of we do like our personal space. So when someone comes close to you are surely going to mind that. If they touch your pregnant belly they have gone on to cross the line for sure. There are no two ways about it and you can tell them that they need to provide you with ample space.

You can shift the position

This would sound rather easy as you can shift your position in an easy manner. You could term this as a non verbal cue as well. Just undertake this in a casual manner and the other person is not going to feel awkward.

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