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How to Install an Outdoor Shower for Your Cabin

For lovers of nature and the outdoors, a cabin can be the perfect retreat from the often hectic modern world. However, a cabin, no matter how rustic or isolated, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a few amenities. One of the first things you might want to add is an outdoor shower. Here are some simple steps to installing your own shower.

What You’ll Need

  • Tools: Power drill; hole saw bit (1”); pipe wrench or channel lock pliers; screw driver
  • Material: 48” and 36” lengths of ¾” diameter galvanized pipe, threaded at both ends; ¾” 90-degree galvanized pipe elbow; ball valve; Teflon thread tape; shower head; package of wood screws; 2–4 ¾” pipe clips


How you build the shower enclosure is up to you. You might want a free-standing wooden stall or just a few shower curtains hung on a surrounding line, but the shower itself is essentially the same. Always wrap the threads with tape to minimize leaks. Screw the 48” pipe into the bottom of the valve and the 36” pipe to the top. At the top of the 36” section, add the elbow, making sure it points inward on the same side as the valve handle. Tighten the joints.

Prep and Locate

Spray paint the pipe assembly with a rust-proof paint, avoiding the valve handle, and let dry. Then attach the shower head to the elbow. Decide where to locate the shower, either against the exterior wall of the cabin or on a nearby post or even convenient tree. Attach the pipe assembly to the surface using the pipe clips.


Build a small deck of about 3 feet square to serve as the floor of your shower. Don’t leave large gaps that could cause you to lose your footing. Paint it with a weather-resistant coating and get it as level as possible.

Attach Hose

Run a common garden hose from the water source for the cabin to the bottom of the 48” pipe. If you’ve built a separate enclosure, drill a hole to admit the hose. Be sure to run the hose so that you won’t trip over it. If you want something fancier or more permanent, you should seek out advice or assistance from a local plumbing company like Jim Dhamer Plumbing and Sewer, Inc.

Finishing Touches

You can hang up or build an enclosure around it for privacy’s sake. For convenience, you’ll also want to add a wire basket for holding soap, etc., and just outside the enclosure add a few hooks for hanging towels/change of clothes.

If you don’t mind a cool, bracing shower, you’re all set. When you come back sweaty and dirty from your latest hike, hunting, or fishing excursion, you’ll be glad it’s there.

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