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Is Your Cabin Ok? A Post-Storm Safety Checklist

A storm can wreak havoc on your cabin. From trees collapsing to rain and wind tearing apart your roof, the damage can be extensive. Once the storm has passed and you're clear to go outside, you should perform a few checks on certain areas of your cabin to ensure its safety. After all, one bad storm could be all it takes to make your house collapse. Consider this checklist to ensure your cabin's safety. 

Determine Water Safety
In some cases, a storm may destroy a water line which creates a water line break. This can have an impact on the quality of water that is being sent to your cabin. Or your own water may be compromised by a different cause. Either way, you should check with local water authorities to determine if your water is safe to drink. You may be required to boil your water until repairs can be made. 

 Check The Power

One of the most common casualties of a storm is electrical power. If you no longer have power, then you should first notify your power company. Afterward, carefully unplug any appliances and electronics. If they are in standing water, however, then you should avoid the area and call an electrician to assist you. These are dangerous areas since power could be restored to your cabin at any moment. You don't want to be anywhere near standing water and electronics when that occurs. 

Check The Roof
One of the initial checks you should undertake is that of your roof. During a particularly rough storm, the wind can rip off the shingles from your roof. This can allow the rain to enter your attic and cause water damage. With your attic compromised, you can be sure to be faced with expensive repairs for the rest of your cabin shortly after. As such, you should immediately check to see if the shingles are still firmly attached and undamaged. You may need an emergency tarp to be placed over the roof until you can make arrangements for the roofing replacement. 

 Check Siding

Another aspect of the cabin to check is the siding. Wind rips the siding off of cabins easily, too. To keep your cabin protected, have a company perform repairs if you notice missing siding. 

By completing this checklist, you can ensure the ongoing safety of your family after a storm has passed. In many cases, you should have a professional perform the repairs to your cabin, so you can be sure that your house is given high-quality care and is ready for the next storm.

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