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Magnificent Mansions: Canada's 5 Biggest Houses

In today's economical state, Canada's real estate market has faced a significant decrease in the overall number of houses selling. For mansions that are being sold in the highest end of the market, the selling prices and net worth of the homes have not budged a bit. Here are five of Canada's biggest homes.

$39.9 Million Dollar Home In West Vancouver, BC

This house comes in at number one on the list of Canada's biggest homes. It covers 5.44 acres of land and has an astonishing 16 car garage attached to it. This house comes fully loaded with a tennis court, eight bathrooms and eleven bedrooms. The estate also features a two level office, a maid's quarters and a wonderful guesthouse. Where this house sits, it has a beautiful view of Vancouver Island. 

$30 Million Dollar Home In West Vancouver, BC

Vancouver also has number two on the list of Canada's biggest homes. This house covers over 38,500 square feet. The property has 400 feet of waterfront property on West Bay and has a beautiful view of the ocean. This home only has only three bedrooms and five bathrooms but is not missing out on mansion elegance. 

$27 Million Dollar Home In Montreal, Quebec

Montreal has the third biggest home in Canada. This home sits on over 41,500 square feet and is split into three different sections and features an elevator and a classic spiral staircase. The west area of the home features an indoor pool, living area, and dining area. The opposite wing features a terrace, a professional quality kitchen, maid's quarters, a library and a game room. The home houses nine bedrooms and nine bathrooms. 

$26.8 Million Dollar Home In Toronto, Ontario

Toronto features the fourth biggest home in Canada. This home is two levels and is right at 40,000 square feet. This home features an indoor sports area that is directly connected to the home that houses an indoor swimming pool, an indoor tennis court and a bowling alley. There are thirteen bathrooms, nine bedrooms, a music room and a theatre room.

$23.9 Million Dollar Home In Toronto, Ontario

Toronto is also home the the fifth biggest home in Canada. This 13,600 square foot home only has six bathrooms and four bedrooms, however, it features several indoor pools, a theatre room, a sauna, an indoor game room, a car elevator, and a snowmelt system. This home also features a double grand marble staircase.

When owning a home, especially one of Canada's biggest homes, it is imperative to have homeowner's insurance. This type of insurance covers personal property loss, content loss, or loss of home's use and liability insurance for accidents at the home. It is important to not only protect the home, but also protect the value and assets inside and around the home with homeowner's insurance. 

Canada features several gorgeous mansions that have kept their price steady during an overall real estate downfall. One of the things these all have in common is that they were very well designed from the beginning. You may not own a multi-million dollar mansion, but if you want your home to hold its value this well then you should consider working with an interior design professional like Stephanie Kratz Interiors or someone similar in your area. Remember that value is, as it were, in the eye of the beholder.


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