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Minimalist Furniture Arrangement Is the Mantra for Small Bedroom Decor

While buying furniture for your compact bedroom, you must incorporate just a few furniture pieces irrespective of the interior décor style or design. Purchasing furniture could be pretty challenging but if you give a proper thought and plan it well in advance, it could be a fruitful and enjoyable experience.  Whether you have a snug bedroom or a large one, a fabulous furniture piece would be making all the difference.

A statement furniture piece could transform your snug room into a warm and cozy one. A bedroom would be lacking in completeness, warmth, and comfort without the right furniture pieces. However, you must be minimalist in your approach if you wish to create a cozy place without any clutter. Here are some essential furniture pieces for your compact bedroom.

Bed Frame

The size of the bed frame is the most vital decision as the bed would be talking up most of the space. Beds come in different sizes like full, twin, king, queen, and the California King-sized bed. Buyers must consider measuring the bedroom area and then determine which bed frame would be right for the room. Always consider placing your bed somewhere in the center of the most visible wall in your bedroom.

Remember that your bed must always be your bedroom’s focal point. Only then there would be enough space for accessing the bed from both the right and the left sides of the bed. You could even consider placing a nightstand on both the sides.


A high-quality mattress is essential. You tend to sleep for one-third of your life, so a good mattress is vital to your well-being. You could rest well and keep sleep disorders and other health issues at bay provided you choose a medium firm and supportive mattress. While purchasing a mattress you must consider factors such as support, size, firmness, and construction materials.

Mattresses today are available in different support and style options. You may choose a relatively firmer mattress for alleviating backaches. Some would opt for plush and soft mattresses. You must consider choosing the correct amount of support. The mattress size would be depending on the amount of space available and the people who are expected to use it. You may consider browsing through Ghostbed vs. Casper reviews before making the final choice.


Dresser is another important piece of furniture in a bedroom and the bedroom décor is incomplete without a dresser. You must consider how much space would be used up. You could have access to various designs and styles right from a basic 3-drawer to the much more elaborate ones having six to nine drawers. Dressers are usually made of wood and the wood type would be determining its quality.

If you have a big closet, it could be a good idea to put your dresser right in your closet as big furniture items could make your snug room look even smaller and cramped.


You may keep a nightstand on either side of the bed if a couple is sharing the bed. Single sleepers could have just one night stand. A nightstand is useful for keeping a lamp to beautify the bedroom and adding a romantic touch to the overall bedroom décor. You could place a clock or some books, magazines, or kindle on your nightstand.


If after placing your basic furniture pieces, you think there is enough space for a vanity, you could buy one to add an element of elegance, class, and style to your overall home décor. You could make your bedroom a beautiful, comfortable, and warm place to come back to after a hectic and a stressful day. You could enhance your bedroom’s aesthetic appeal by choosing the right furniture.

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