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New Cabin? How to Manicure the Grounds of Your Homestead

Did you know that most cabins were not meant for long-term use at first? When you buy a cabin, you are likely to concentrate more on the structure than the grounds around the structure. After a while, the task of beautifying everything inside and outside becomes a priority. How do you make your land look nice and tidy? We have four tips below that may help you create a stunning outdoor space for your cabin. 

Clean up the Grounds

Tree removal is one of the first things you will need to do to create a clean and even space to work. Removing old trees, fallen trunks, and stumps is helpful so that you can plant a garden or create flower beds. Getting rid of trees near the cabin will protect the home from falling branches and a buildup of leaves. 

Flatten the Ground

Once you have the yard clear of all overgrowth like weeds, bushes, and wildflowers, it is time to make the ground even and ready to accept new plant life. Use rakes, shovels, or a roller for small areas and places that need a little compaction. Big equipment, like a tamper or plate compactor, is necessary if you have to remove several yards of dirt or rocks. 

Add Low-maintenance Greenery

In one area of the yard, you may want to plant a container garden or create a small area for herbs. You can use the space behind the cabin as long as it gets plenty of sunlight for the crops to grow. Ferns, marigolds, and ribbon grass are a few hardy plants that hold up well and require little care. The DIY Network says barberry shrubs are resistant to deer. The thorns also deter burglars when you plant the shrubs all around your cabin. 

Use Natural Items to Create Borders and Paths

Staying true to the outdoor lifestyle, you can adorn your property with stones you find on your land. You can use flat rocks to make a path. Larger boulders are perfect for accent pieces or to put around a fire pit. You can use mulch or smaller stones like gravel to reduce weed growth and give your land a clean and manicured design. Flower beds with peonies provide pops of color. You can put these white, pink, and red flowers along the sidewalk to direct guests to your door. 

Manicuring the grounds of your homestead is easy with the right tools and knowledge. The key is to clear out the area and start with a clean slate. After your ground is even, a low-maintenance design with functional areas like vegetable gardens is essential. The grounds will look beautiful and help you create more sustainable living.

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