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Hi everybody!

This is Keith again. Yes I know that this is going to be a large home. I do assure you that I know that one small windmill or solar panel is going to support the electrical demands of such a home. I was planing on using a combination of both systems and alot of them. Not big and menicing but enough. Please rememeber that we are dealing with 160 acres to play with so ruining the view will be very hard to do. Yes propane and natural gas is going to be a big part of my life. But then that is way my friend sent me those links to the sites for do it yourself books. I do plan to the main ones installed but building extras does not sound bad. The reason why I asked for my log family to look the links is to see if it is legit. There are alot out there.

In response, Wolf and subzero have both natural gas and electric stoves and ranges. Natural gas helps with the water heater and radiant heating though that can get real expensive real fast. I am working on that too. A/C is going to be problem but then, when is a/c not a problem for any house? I also have fireplaces and plenty of wood to burn. I believe in having redundant systems to be in place for when things go wrong. I have never live in snow country so this going to be a challeging adventure. I know I have bitten off alot for myself but then that the fun of it all. This has been my dream since the very first one I saw when I was camping around Lake Tahoe Ca. as a child. There something so majestic and homey about a log home. It is the kind of home you want to come home to, for the family to gather. So if I have to clear ground, build solar panels and windmills, dig wells...etc, then that is what I will do. I am in many ways, a dyi' er just I do not have all the information to feel all secure about it. I feel secure enough to do this but still learning. I again encourge all again to go to the first blog, click the link and see if this guys is blowing smoke in the air. Yes, I know that it my choice what to do. But this is one time when too many cooks is not going to spoil the soup. That the advice is coming people who have gone before me, is icing on the cake.


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Comment by Keith E Jacobs-Holman on April 16, 2010 at 2:22pm
I am sorry, I meant not a dig at anyone, please disregard that phase in my previous blog! I mean no harm.
Comment by Keith E Jacobs-Holman on April 16, 2010 at 2:19pm
To Joe and others out there. I am not trying to get anyboby to by anything. I am trying not to make unneeded and costly mistakes. I have checked the othe site and even use the energy calculator that was given me. It give much to think about. To be very blunt. The reason why I turned here is to get any and all advise I could. When I explained my dream of a loghome, I was told that it was stupid, not logical, and a waste of money. These same people were those who had history in construction and would have been very helpful in this process. Because of that viewpoint, that person is cheering for my failure, not sucess. Correct me if I am wrong, Joe, but I believe that both these sites have a vid page before the buy page. That page lets the person investigate without buying or committing to any program. Have you experinced any different? This is no different from any other page or from the other sites and information I have been given. I appereciate all who are giving me help. The more help the better. I have not reposted the link on this or any other later post strictly because I did not want to seem as though I am pitch something to this community. Joe and everyone else, I am not going to tell anybody how I got my property, lets just say that it came as a blessing. When I first tried this, all was calculated at more than $1,500,000. This is turnkey price. I have been work and digging and researching, during whatever I can to bring this budget under control. This is a dig at anyone. But in some ways, your response, Joe is what I trying to get away from. I do understand and admire your willingness to protect this community from anyone trying get over here. But that is not me. As I say, I am look on all the sites that were refered to me. However, if there others here who feel I am trying to scam here, please respond and I will stop posting and remove all other posting and resign from this community.

P.S. Joe, If I was selling here, you woould have saw the ad in the right hand corner of your screen.

Thank all again.
Comment by Joe on April 16, 2010 at 9:57am
To be very blunt, I am getting very suspious that this blog may be a coverup to get us to buy these books. Several of us have given very good advice to you and listed many "free" sites with information on solar and wind, electrical loads etc., yet you keep reposting for us to go buy these books. This is not logical.

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