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Old Electrical Systems: 5 Dimming Signs Your Home is Due for an Upgrade

Unless your home is relatively new, it might be time to investigate your electrical system. This important piece of modern life can make your life more difficult if it doesn’t function correctly. Here are some of the signs that your home is due to have the electrical system upgraded.


Bulbs Don’t Last Long

Light bulbs should last for a little while. Some of the newer light bulbs should last few several years when they receive a moderate amount of use. If you find yourself constantly having to replace the same light bulb, you might have an electrical issue. It could be caused by a variety of factors. You need to take this problem seriously so that you don’t end up having an electrical fire in your home.


Lights Flicker Regularly

If your electrical panel has the right number of circuits for your appliances, you shouldn’t notice your lights dimming when the refrigerator or AC turn on. It may be time to invest in a new electrical panel. Major appliances each need their own circuit so as not to cause them to be overloaded. Look into using a company like Supreme Electric to help you resolve this issue.


Scorched Wall Plates

A scorched or burnt wall plate or the area surrounding them is a major hazard to your home. It could be caused by lose or faulty wiring in the receptacle itself. A more major problem could be with the wiring system of your home itself. Check to see if the outlet is lose and then replace it. If this doesn’t fix the problem, you may need to upgrade your wiring system.


Cracked Insulation on Electrical Wiring

The wires in your home should never be cracked. The insulation is the part of the wiring that protects your home from having an electrical fire. Electricity can arc and cause sparks if it isn’t properly contained.


A Shocking Result

You should never receive a shock when you’re plugging or unplugging an appliance. This means that your electrical system has failed to provide you with adequate protection. Rewiring that segment or your whole home may be the correct solution to the problem.


Your wiring is an important component to how your home functions for you and your family. Without it you would be stuck sitting in the dark when the sun went down each day. Keep it in good working order so that it can do the job that it’s intended for your home.

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