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Online slots are, perhaps, the most dynamic and exciting game product from all the offers of online casinos. In addition, with a lucky combination of circumstances, a player can get a solid jackpot in the form of a cumulative jackpot, and may well expect periodic wins. The regulars of virtual casinos prefer to use a variety of strategies, different game systems.

Many fans of slots, who prefer a thoughtful approach to playing the game, continue to believe that the best strategy on slot machines can be called the right choice of slots - you need to choose the slots that give the highest percentage of payments. In addition, professionals often pay attention to the size of the maximum bet, which assumes high coefficients or guarantees winning the jackpot.

Steps Strategy

This game strategy is simple enough, and it is preferred by players who believe that you can meet on the slots, the so-called "winning wave". The phrase "winning wave" is rather doubtful, taking into account the principles of the operation of software algorithms. For the loss of each result during the entire game session, the random number generator answers, almost all resources, and especially this refers to the large and respected online casino, carefully watching to ensure that the result is really random and therefore unpredictable.

In any case, this strategy is worthy to pay attention to it even for informational purposes. So, at the beginning of the game, very small bets are made - this point is not questioned in any way, especially since the position is quite consistent with bankroll management (observing the safe matching of the bet amount to the total game amount). On the other hand, the amount should not be too low, otherwise the player will receive only moral satisfaction when winning, without any noticeable profit.

In the event of a loss of the stake, the amount of the next bet remains unchanged, but if the win is won, the amount should be doubled. Further actions are carried out according to a similar scenario, when winning the sum of the next bet is doubled, and if it is lost it is halved. Thus, the game continues until there is a maximum or a minimum limit that the player has determined for himself. In the case of a winning wave, the strategy allows the player to win a fairly significant amount.

The main advantage of the presented strategy can be considered the fact that the player, reaching the area of ​​large bets, only plays on the money he won, because the increase in the amount of the bet occurs when the win is twice the size of the bet.

Chicken Strategy

Many visitors to online casinos do not like to trust only luck and develop strategies to increase their own chances. This applies not only to fans of slot machines, but also to fans of other products of gambling establishments.

The main principle of the Chicken strategy is the change of machines - the player does not have to play on the same slot during one session, and the attractiveness of the strategy is that it can be used in combination with other systems.

After the player determines the amount that is intended for the game, it must be divided into the number of gaming machines that the player is going to change for this session. In other words, with a balance of $ 100, the amount that can be spent on playing for each video slot is limited to $ 10.

After the amounts are determined, the visitor of the virtual casino proceeds to the game, additional betting systems can be chosen arbitrarily, the main thing is not to lose the amount larger than that allocated for playing on one video slot. Having played a certain amount, the player moves on to the next slot, and, for the strategy, it does not matter whether he lost the slot or won, in any case, if certain conditions occur, the slot needs to be changed.

This approach allows you to conduct a disciplined game, which in itself prevents rapid loss of the deposit and is the key to a long and exciting game. Thus, even if the player does not smile good luck during the game session, the time spent for the game will not be wasted - a visitor to an online casino will get a lot of fun. Moreover, in the online casino there is a certain advantage - the client does not have to run from one gaming machine to another, sitting at the computer, the player can choose the slots, staying in the same place.

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