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Plumbing Season: How Cold Weather Promotes Problems with Your Pipes

Plumbing issues can develop at any time of year, and most require a fast response from a plumber. After all, even a seemingly minor issue can grow into a major concern quickly and may result in wasted water, property damage and more. The winter months may bring additional plumbing challenges that you need to be aware of. In some instances, you can take proactive steps to prevent some issues from impacting your home. These are a few of the more common winter-related problems that you may run into this winter or in the future.

Hot Water Heater Issues

Your family’s demands on a hot water heater can increase dramatically in the winter. After all, you may prefer to take longer and warmer showers than you otherwise would. You may use warmer water to clean the house, and you may prepare more warm or hot foods with heated water. With an increased demand for hot water throughout the winter, your hot water heater may feel the impact of additional usage. A smart idea is to schedule maintenance service on your hot water heater before winter arrives. You may even upgrade to a newer and more efficient model if your current hot water heater is on its last leg.

Frozen or Ruptured Pipes

Frozen and ruptured pipes are problematic in the winter as well. They may freeze when the temperature outdoors hits the freezing mark, and the risk for this problem may increase dramatically as the temperature plummets lower. Many pipes are wrapped in insulation in your walls, but pipes located in the exterior walls may be more likely to freeze. Pipes with exposed surfaces, such as your outdoor faucet spigot, may be at an increased risk. Pipes underground in your yard may also be subject to freezing. When water freezes, it expands and pushes against the interior of the pipe. A frozen pipe prevents you from using water until the ice thaws. A ruptured pipe may cause wasted water and property damage. Calling bathroom plumbers or other plumbing specialists may be essential to address these concerns promptly.

The condition of your plumbing system directly affects access to water as needed. It also impacts property condition and related monthly expenses. Keeping your pipes and other plumbing features well-maintained throughout the winter and beyond is important, and the services of a licensed plumber can help you to accomplish this goal. While preventive maintenance service is important, it is equally critical to schedule repair service as soon as you notice a problem.

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