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Protecting Your Home During a Renovation: What are the Mistakes to Avoid?

Sometimes we need to repair and redecorate our homes because they need the work, while at other times, we just get bored of looking at the same interior for years. Whatever the reason was that prompted you to consider a remodeling project, knowing how to avoid some of the common mistakes can make the entire renovation go a lot smoother. After all, if you are not careful, the project could very well end up damaging your interiors and may even compromise personal safety. At the very least, such mistakes can get quite costly, and will overshoot the budget by hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Using Ordinary Contractor’s Paper

It is very unlikely that both you and the contractor are absolutely oblivious to the kind of damage that even a simple paint spill can do to the surfaces of a home. Therefore, your floors and other surfaces are most probably going to be covered by contractor’s paper during the renovations, but is that kind of surface protection sufficient?

Ordinary contractor’s paper will not be able to protect your delicate floors properly in case of a paint/water/chemical spill, but the heavy duty flooring paper from a company like Trimaco is equipped to handle such accidents without any issues at all. Known as X-paper by Trimaco, it’s one-and-a-half times as thick as regular contractor’s paper, which even allows floors to be cured while being covered by it, due to the material’s breathable nature.

Using Inadequate Surface Protection

The thing is, even X-Paper may not be the right choice, if the surface protection material needs to be durable enough to protect your flooring material (wood, vinyl, stone, linoleum, concrete, etc.) from the impact of heavy debris fall and the usage of construction machinery. That is where FloorShell from Trimaco comes in, because it’s durable enough to not just protect against spills and heavy debris falls, but the eco-friendly boards can practically take the weight of a forklift without letting it affect the flooring below.

Do Not Compromise on the Quality of the Materials and Construction

Unless you belong to that small percentage of people in the world who don’t need to worry about remodeling costs, making a proper budget will be necessary. Now, a budget that is too small for the project in question is always a bad idea because it is unrealistic and can even be dangerous.

When you end up using cheap materials, then you immediately endanger the safety of not just your interiors, but your family as well. The construction can become unstable in a short while, or the cheaper, unregulated materials may have toxic and damaging substances in them.

Do not make the mistake of cutting corners in construction and remodeling, but if you really can’t afford a suitable budget, just scale down your remodeling project for now. Ideally, your budget for the project should allow for a bit of lenience, rather than being too tight.

There are a million factors to consider while planning a remodeling project, ranging from securing home renovation permits, to finding the right contractor for the job. Therefore, it is so easy to forget about protecting what you are actually investing to improve. Aside from what we already discussed, it’s best to use your common sense and add more to this list of tips.

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