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Reasons Graphic Designers Must Use InstagramTo Promote Their Business

To stand out amongst all graphic designers that are available in the market it is essential that you promote your business, not aggressively but correctly. You must use the right marketing strategy as well as the right platform to reach out to a larger audience. What better platform can you get other than social media and especially Instagram for this specific purpose?

To know how to do it correctly you must first know the value of social media which is not restricted to garnering more followers and likes but goes far above and over that. Instagram is the most popular platform for designers due to its beneficial features and the different ways in which you can use it to your advantage. It is not surprising that this visual platform acts as an ideal Launchpad for career opportunists and business organizations to promote their brand, presence and product.

This platform is a source of constant inspiration to many especially the young generation and young designers as it helps in building a larger audience like never before. All you have to do is to ensure that your Instagram account is strong and that you can do only when you have everything done correctly.

How to do it right

Now the question is how exactly can do it right and work the best for your graphic design business to put you on the map and harvest more clients?

Well, transparency, honesty and authenticity are the buzzwords for this just as it is like any other business. These are the most important factor to create a great account to promote your business making the best use of the social media.

You will need to make sure that you share the real and genuine lives of those people you admire with a well-harmonized effort towards your growth as well as promotion using a strong and genuine story.

This may seem to be a bit complicated as it is multidimensional but there are ways in which you can do this easily, effortlessly and effectively. Almost all designers make the most of this tool but for this they do not have to deviate too much into the profile-raising territory.

This distraught concerted effort to ensure authenticity can be best done when you put in a resilient sense of style. This will help you to make it seamless and you will feel that posting what you like for better branding and to become the same or even better than the others.

Reasons to use Instagram

The most substantial reason to use Instagram as your one and only platform to hone your business presence is that it enables you to show what you love and inspires you. These are the two things that essentially create a better branding and online presence liked by all.

  • Another reason to use Instagram is that it allows you to be consistent in conveying your desired message across which is another important aspect of branding. Adopting the platform is the best practice for the designers as people will choose specific account from an abundance of it to fill in a slot. If your design can do that you will be seen more and visited more by the users. Instagram will help you to make sure that your account is consistent.
  • If you consult with experts like Gramblast or any other you will know that how they strongly recommend using Instagram for any business promotional purpose as well as for raising awareness among people for any social cause that you may be involved with. It deals with the moment which is one of the nicest things of it allowing you as well as the others to see and experience at that specific moment of the day.
  • Instagram is the perfect tool to match your image and profession perfectly which is not possible as effective in any other social media platforms. However, you will have to make sure that you do not tell a different story each time you come to it as that will make it extremely difficult for the users to apprehend what you are actually trying to communicate to them.
  • Using this platform and better but related Instagram stories you will also be able to ensure that you know and consider what you want to convey to people well. The features of this platform will allow you to reinforce it consistently over time when you tell a story. However, storytelling does not have to involve words and text always as in fact the visual method is considered to be the best way to tell a story by many.
  • You will be able to be more natural in your way and in a better manner. This is especially helpful if you are not a very good blogger or writer. If you steer yourself toward Instagram, you can treat it as a sort of microblog wherein you can share your ideas and point of view. This will help you to build a relation with a larger audience more quickly than you may probably can with a blog.
  • The fact that you can use a trendy and relevant video in Instagram makes it all the more sensible approach to use it for your promotional and outreach expansion purpose. Most graphic designers use trending videos along with the Instagram story feature as this gives them more opportunity to tell their stories with a more in-depth and better narrative. Therefore, use a mix of still images and videos.

Lastly, another useful feature of Instagram is that it allows you to edit your stories as and when required which is another reason for its success and popularity among the designers. Since a story provides your images and videos with a better background in the feed it is essential that you make sure that it serves your purpose. To make sure that it makes the cut in your feed you should avoid posting irrelevant and illogical things that makes no sense or have any rhyme or reason.



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