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Secure Log Home: How Smart Cabin Dwellers Invest in Their Home

Whether your log cabin is your primary residence or a summer vacation home, you want it to be safe and comfortable. Protecting your property from wildlife, forest fires, floods, and other natural disasters is necessary. We give you four ways to invest in your log home to make it safe and secure in this blog.

Fire and Wind Safety

Metal roofs provide many benefits for log cabin owners. First, metal does not catch fire if embers from a forest fire land on it. The roof can last 50 years or more meaning you will never have to pay for a replacement roof. Metal is durable holding up to high winds, heavy rains, and fallen tree branches. Animals cannot nest in metal panels, and the material is environmentally friendly because most metal roof material comes from recycled steel or other materials. You can also recycle the roof again when it wears out.

Cabin Security

You can use a variety of security equipment to keep your cabin safe from predators. A thermal camera and motion detecting lights offer added benefits when you combine them with video surveillance. Thermal imaging allows you to see if there are animals like mountain lions, bears, or moose outside of your cabin. Motion detecting lights alert you when someone comes to the cabin unexpectedly. Video surveillance can give you remote viewing access when you are not at home.

Energy-efficient Windows

Installing new windows is an excellent way to protect your home from fire, theft, animal break-ins, and the elements. For added protection in cold climates, using a dual or triple-pane window is a good idea. Your windows and doors are where you lose the most heat besides the chimney.

High Quality Insulation

R-ratings tell you how effective your insulation is against wind, cold, and heat. The higher the number, the more protection the insulation provides. Adding new material to the attic of log homes may be a tricky process, but the rewards are worth the time and hassle. To find out how much insulation or the best R-rating for your cabin, the National Association of Home Builders says to contact local utility companies for a free home energy audit.

Securing your log cabin means protecting the structure and the occupants. Making the space comfortable with energy-efficient and high R-rated products can help you save money in the long run and make the cabin cozy. Cameras and alarms give you eyes on every corner of your property so that you can enjoy your time away from the cabin.

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